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7 Things Your Hair Wants for Christmas

7 Things Your Hair Wants for Christmas
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The well-known author Anthony D'Angelo once said: “The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.” When it comes to your appearance, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Most of the time it isn’t hard to take a moment here and there to brush on some makeup, slick back your hair, or swap out a donut for a granola bar, but sometimes even giving yourself the time to do that can be difficult. The busy schedules of life and the hustle and bustle that come with the holidays keep many people from investing the time they need to do their health a favor. While some areas of your body’s health can be a little more forgiving when neglected, your hair has needs and desires that can’t be forgotten without having serious consequences. This holiday season, consider the seven things your hair wants from you.

1. Professional help. There are many things you might have tried to help with your condition, but sometimes, the only thing your hair wants is professional help. If you have been dealing with hair thinning or balding, forget trying to tackle it on your own and seek professional treatment for hair loss. There are medications available that address the problems or hair refusing to grow or helping curb the loss you may be experiencing. Stop looking at gimmicks and talk to a professional.

2. More Protein. Your diet has a lot to do with the health of your hair, and just as proteins are important for building strong tissue and muscles, your hair needs protein to grow strong and hard. The proteins in your hair are called keratin, and lean meats like turkey or chicken, tuna, tilapia, and halibut are all ways to improve your body’s intake of the protein. Without this fortification, your hair will not only grow more slowly but it will also grow weaker.

3. Biotin. Researchers have discovered that having too little biotin can lead to your hair falling out or slowed growth. Cell enzymes and biotin interact to produce amino acids. These are the building blocks of the protein that your hair is also craving. You can find biotin in lentils, as well as carrots, walnuts, almonds, and cauliflower. There are some shampoos and hair products fortified with biotin, but there are also supplements that can be taken to boost your hair levels.

4. Iron. The hair you see on your head comes from tiny hair follicles within the scalp. These follicles rely on a healthy supply of oxygen found in the iron of your red blood cells. If you have anemia, it means you have an iron deficiency and your hair may be dry and brittle. In addition to a shriveled condition, low iron can stunt and hunt hair growth, leading to more than just shedding but more serious balding. Add iron-rich foods like lean beef, eggs, spinach, soybeans, or tofu to your diet to improve your iron levels.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. If your hair is looking and feeling thin, it could be telling you that it needs more fat. The cell membranes on your scalp and the natural oils of your scalp rely on Omega-3s to stay hydrated. Having enough fatty acids can improve both growth and shine, and prevent your scalp from becoming dry and itchy. Salmon is well-known for its high levels of this healthy fatty acid. Fish oil pills are also a possibility if you need to increase your intake.

6. Water. It can be hard to consume the daily recommended values of water, but the busy holiday season can really make that struggle more difficult. After protein, water is a primary component of healthy hair strands. It provides the hydration to remain plump and avoid breakage. Conditioners and some hydrating products can also help, but the best way to work on hair health is from a total body perspective. Add water-rich vegetables and fruits in addition to your normal water intake.

7. A Break. Like other areas of the body, sometimes it is a good idea to give your hair a break. Whether it is washing every day or using heating elements or styling products, every now and then you need to let your hair rest. Allow your hair follicles to regroup without placing any strain on them. Hair health acts like body health and pushing your hair follicles, strands, and style to hard can lead to long-term damage.

The holiday season is a time for giving, but too often people forget to give to themselves. Your health, wellness, and appearance are things worth taking the time for. Give your hair the attention it needs this holiday, and it will be sure to thank you.

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