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4 Problems Men Face as They Age

4 Problems Men Face as They Age
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In a society that worships the young, it can be difficult for a man to admit he is getting older. But, as with anything that ages, your body may give you signs that things are changing and will never be the same. The first signs could be memory problems or a sudden muscle pain that won’t go away. You could find yourself ill more often than any other time in your life. You could also find yourself facing one of the four most common problems men encounter as they grow older.

Libido Change

A man’s libido is a topic that is difficult for many men to understand or share with others. Although most men know testosterone levels fluctuate during life, many have no idea that their sexual drive is so closely related to their endocrine system. Some of the reasons for a loss of sexual interest can include stress, medication, depression, lack of sleep, falling testosterone levels, and weight gain. If you find yourself suddenly experiencing a loss of libido, seek medical information.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a complicated issue in a world where some bald men are thought of as “sex gods,” and others are shunned as “undesirable.” Why does a full head of hair have such power over the perception of attractiveness that society has, and why is there a general feeling of dread that accompanies the first signs of hair recession or balding? For some men, the problem may be genetic, while others may lose their hair for unknown reasons. A Few men notice a disappearing hairline in their 20s, and others have a thick head of hair until they are in their 50s. Because hair is part of an individual’s perception of themselves and their abilities, the loss of hair can result in a decline of self-esteem and confidence. To treat the problem and help you fight the hair loss battle, products like NuhÓ“r have been invented by Nu Image Medical. Hair loss restoration products can help you combat male pattern baldness and the retreating hairline.

Weight Gain

As the male body begins to lose testosterone, muscle mass begins to diminish as well. Because muscle uses more calories than fat in the body, that means you may notice the pounds are more difficult to lose as they continually creep up on you. You may also find yourself less active than you were, and that you will burn a lot fewer calories for that same mile hike you took when you were 20. You may also notice you have a more difficult time with joints pain and muscle aches, and that, of course, can keep you from participating in as many physical activities as you once did. You may try changing your diet, drinking fewer calorie rich, alcoholic drinks, and walking more, but you may still find your body settles at about 15 pounds more than your ideal 20-year-old weight. Sadly, the problem is more common than you may know, and many people struggle after they reach their 40th birthday to keep the weight off. Check with your doctor if you find your weight creeping up uncontrollably.


There are many reasons men state as the basis for their depression, but dissatisfaction with life tops the list. Some call it a mid-life crisis, other call it wonder-lust, and still others have no name for it expect “unhappiness in general.” As you age, you may find less joy in some activities, fewer opportunities for sexual adventures, and less advancement at work. Facing the fact your life is changing in ways you are unable to control can be a devastating reality for many men. That may be why some men are able to hide the symptoms so well, or they may even dismiss the warning signs as just another part of growing older. If you find yourself feeling less pleasure in hobbies, want to spend more time alone, or are sad most of the time, check with a medical professional to see if you have an easily treated form of early depression called subsyndromal depression. Sometimes, depression can be the result of hormonal changes in the body, and therefore, it can easily be rectified – getting you back to the old you in weeks.


One of the most important things you should know as you age is that you are not alone. No matter what changes you are finding in your body, moods, or mental acuity, you can be sure that many other individuals are experiencing the same changes. No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, if they negatively impact your life, seek medical help. Catching hair loss and depression early can often help you solve the problem. There are also medications for libido and weight game problems, so ask about them at your next medical checkup.



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