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10 Things Everyone Hates About Thinning Hair

10 Things Everyone Hates About Thinning Hair
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For many people, hair loss will change their entire lives in a number of social, emotional, and even physical ways. With these changes comes negative perspectives and decreasing self-confidence as individuals realize they aren’t who they used to be. At least, they don’t think they are. At Nu Image Medical, we care about how you view yourself and how you feel physically. We take great care in developing individualized approaches to addressing what ails you and promoting the version of your body, hair, and lifestyle. We don’t just offer medical solutions for hair loss, we understand the difficulties of living with thinning hair. You aren’t an isolated case. There are hundreds of others who have dealt with the same condition, and have experienced the same things you hate about thinning hair.

1. Decreased Self-Esteem

Many people take great pride in their looks, and there is no shame in looking your best. However, when things don’t always meet our expectations or go as planned with our bodies, the result can be emotionally damaging. Decreased self-esteem is a side effect of hair loss that affects both male and females alike. Although its seem that hair problems are more noticeable in men, not feeling your best and being ashamed of your looks can affect both genders.

2. Social Stigma

Although not as common as it was in the days of old when men improved upon their looks with curly, powered-white wigs, baldness has long carried a social stigma. It is an unspoken judgement that can pass between individuals, as nicknames. However, those who have been under chemo treatments or other medical conditions have little control over their body’s reaction, making this an unfair judgement randomly passed on.

3. Failed Hair Styling Attempts

More often associated with females experiencing hair loss, an inability to style your hair as usual and avoid revealing the thinning area is frustrating and embarrassing. Certain hair products can actually make thinning much worse, which only compounds the problem as you try to fix it. This complicates the other areas of concern with thinning hair, further lowering self-esteem and areas of self-confidence. Men can also have difficulty styling their hair, with few options that enable them to avoid the commonly-criticized “comb over” look that seems to scream hair loss.

4. Assumptions of Aging

A mental battle rages in the minds of those who experience hair loss, as many consider the activity one of the earliest signs of aging. Although it can be a sign, there are often a number of conditions that can contribute to early hair loss. These could include underlying medical problems and even lifestyle habits.

5. Changing Appearance

As one grapples with the changing hair loss in locations around their scalp, it seems that there can be no consistency to the way they look or style their hair. The range of products it might take to help the situation only makes it that much more difficult to adapt to who you might see in the mirror every morning.

6. The Blame Game

Because there can be many different reason for hair loss, the task to find out underlying cause can be difficult and frustrating. Whether you try to treat the problem at home or you shuffle between physicians, narrowing down what is to blame is one area every hates when it comes to thinning hair.

7. The Stress

There is no shortage of stress when dealing with hair loss. Whether it revolves around your looks or the constant trying of new products, trying to come to terms with the problem create anxiety. Unfortunately, stress can make the problem worse.

8. Awareness

Once you know the problem exists, there is the responsibility to try and fix it. While some agree that ignorance is bliss, the pressure to find a solution can be overwhelming.

9. Lifestyle Changes

The knowledge that you are facing thinning hair will cause some life altering decision if you choose to proactively address the situation. Increasing your nutritional intake can help slow or reverse the loss, as well as seeking medical treatment.

10. Depression

Perhaps one of the most hated things that accompanies hair loss is the depression. A combination of the anxiety, frustration, and even fear can lead to overwhelming feelings of depression and lack of control. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this condition alone.

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