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What is the Fastest Way to Cure ED?

What is the Fastest Way to Cure ED?
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ED also known as erectile dysfunction, is a sexual disorder that affects the rigidity of the penis, so sufferers are unable to achieve and maintain a rigid erection viable enough for penetrative sexual intercourse. 

Like other medical conditions, ED has a range of treatments and management aids designed to minimize symptoms and help users regain their sexual abilities. Some treatments tread on safe land, while others seem like a bold mission into uncharted territories. 

Considering the dire effect ED has on patients' mental and physical states, it's only natural for them to opt for treatments that work best. Below we expand on different aspects of the best ED treatments to find out which is the fastest cure for the condition.

Overview of ED Treatment Options

ED cures are management solutions that minimize the intensity and frequency of symptoms leading the condition into dormancy in a sense. Once the condition stops affecting the processes that form an erection, users can attain and maintain an erection with ease. 

Below are 6 of the best treatment options available to manage the condition:

  • Medication

First up is the non-invasive approach, oral medication. Oral medications that fall under the phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitor class, such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, are the most frequently used options for managing ED. These FDA-approved drugs manipulate the body into naturally forming an erection by stopping the function of enzymes that disable them. They also promote blood flow and widen blood vessels, so erections form more easily. PDE5 inhibitors are considered a first-line option because they are very effective and have a low side effect and risk profile. 

  • Penile Injections

Penile injections are a more invasive approach to ED and involve injecting a pharmaceutical preparation like Alprostadil into the penis. This FDA-approved injectable drug belongs to a group of medicines called vasodilators, whose purpose is to increase blood flow by expanding blood vessels. The expansion of blood vessels promotes better blood flow which triggers an automatic erection. The option is most frequently used when men can't take oral medication.    

  • Muse-Medicated Urethral System for Erection.

The Muse treatment was created as an alternative to oral and injectable options. It is an FDA-approved dissolvable Alprostadil pellet that is inserted directly into the penis. It is most often recommended to men unwilling or unable to self-inject Alprostadil. Like injectable Alprostadil, Muse dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to help form better erections.

  • Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is one of the older ED treatment options and is a common choice among men who do not want to go the pharmaceutical treatment route. The pump stimulates an erection by forcing blood to flow into the penis using vacuum action. A cylinder is placed over the penis, and the air is pumped out of the cylinder creating the force needed to achieve an erection. A ring is then slid onto the base of the penis to sustain the erection for intercourse. 

  • Surgical Implants

Surgical implants are an invasive treatment option used when neurological disorders or spinal cord issues are present and other ED treatment options do not provide effective or noticeable results. There are two types of surgical implant options available—an implantable pump and a malleable prosthesis. 

The implantable pump manually creates an erection by pumping fluid into cylinders placed inside the scrotum (the pouch of skin behind your penis). This inflates the penis creating an erection. The other option, a malleable prosthesis, uses bendable silicone rods placed in the erection chambers of the penis to form an erection. The rods extend the penis into the desired erect position for intercourse.

  • Herbal Supplements 

Herbal supplements like Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, and Yohimbe are sexual enhancement aids that come from nature. These ingredients are usually combined with other components to form a supplement that boosts sexual desire. Herbal supplements are not approved/regulated by the FDA to improve erectile dysfunction, but the effects of individual ingredients in the formulas have scientific backing. 

Onset and Duration of Effect Timeframes of ED Products Explained

Onset of action and duration of effect are two scientific medical terms used to describe how long treatment takes to work and how long its effects last. This information is very important when determining which ED treatment works most efficiently.

Below we look at the onset and effect timeframes of the most common ED treatments:

ED Treatment 

Onset of Action

Duration of Effects 

Frequency of Use

Oral medication

Ranges from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the PDE5 inhibitor used. 

Ranges from 4 to 36 hours, depending on the PDE5 inhibitor used.

Daily or as needed depending on the PDE5 inhibitor being used.

Penile injections

5-10 minutes 

30 minutes 

As needed, max 3 times a week. There must be a minimum of 24 hours between each injection.


5-10 minutes

30-60 minutes

As needed but not more than twice in 24 hours.    

Vacuum pump

7 minutes 

30 minutes

As needed, multiple times a day as long as it's used correctly.

Surgical implants

An erection can be formed within seconds whenever you choose.

As long as the user desires/until climax

As needed

Herbal supplements

Effects start to show over prolonged and consistent 1-3 months+

As long as the user desires/until climax


Safety, Efficacy, and Side Effects 

Safety, efficacy, and side effects are 3 of the most important factors to look at when choosing a treatment to manage any condition. These aspects typically outline the reward and risk factor of taking the treatment. Below we expand on the safety, efficacy, and side effects of the 6 best ED treatment options available:

  • Oral medication


According to research, PDE5 inhibitors (oral ED drugs) produced positive results when used by men with ED. The drugs significantly improved scores on the International Index of Erectile Function in patient groups with and without underlying conditions like prostate cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. This proves that these drugs are fully capable and effective in their function. 


Established evidence from a study confirms the safety of PDE5 inhibitors for long and short-term use. It showed that the class of medicine is safe for use across multiple subgroups of patients with difficult-to-treat ED. The drugs can also be used in combination treatment plans with other medicines without causing disruptions within the body or inducing severe side effects. This further demonstrates its excellent safety profile. 

-Side Effects:

Studies show that PDE5 inhibitors are generally well tolerated when used accordingly for the treatment of ED. The most common side effects reported were nasal congestion, headache, and flushing. These side effects are relatively unnoticeable and disappear soon after the body becomes used to the treatment.

  • Penile injections


Studies show that penile injections are effective in helping approximately 70% of ED patients achieve and maintain an erection viable enough for intercourse. However, long-term treatment was not continued, and large parts of patient groups swapped to oral medication due to administration difficulties. However, the effectiveness status of the treatment still remains high.


Penile injections are invasive, so there are drawbacks affecting safety straight off the bat, with the possibility of infection, bruising, and scarring. Besides administration, evidence shows that this treatment approach carries pain risks and has some restrictions with use in diverse patient groups or patients with multiple underlying conditions.  

-Side Effects:

Research shows that penile injections do have some side effects associated with use, including fainting, dizziness, and low blood pressure. The possibility of priapism or prolonged erections can occur and is not impossible. 

  • Muse


Clinical trials indicate that Muse is an effective treatment option as it produces successful outcomes—restoring penile/erectile function without disrupting other body processes. The treatment can be used long and short-term for ED of varying severities however, there are cases where a combination of Muse and oral medicines work more effectively.


PubMed study shows that approximately 83% of men using Muse reported no minimal or no discomfort over both long and short-period use. There were no reports of priapism or developed penile fibrosis (scaring). The treatment was also well tolerated by men with different underlying conditions and varying severities of ED. This demonstrates both the tolerability and safety of the treatment.

-Side Effects:

Although the treatment is well tolerated, has a good safety profile, and doesn’t carry some risks associated with invasive treatments, studies show it can still cause possible side effects. The most common is a pain in the penis and perineum, burning, and minor bleeding. These side effects are uncomfortable and can be overwhelming for some users.

  • Vacuum pump


Studies found mild to moderate ED symptoms can be alleviated using a vacuum pump as the device restores erectile function. Its effectiveness is also represented through its ability to rapidly draw blood into the penis regardless of nerve disturbance. However, the results are short-lived as erections are only superficially formed by stimulating external tissue, while internally, the dysfunction remains. The use of a pump is typically paired with oral ED drugs for a holistic effect and solution.


Penis pumps are generally considered safe as they do not interfere with the body's internal mechanisms. The suction power is tolerable, but it might be a bit too strong for sensitive users. It's also unsuitable for those with more severe ED and those with certain medical conditions.

-Side Effects:

Men are more prone to side effects while using this device, as rapid pumping can cause bruising, discomfort, pain, and swelling. According to the FDA, using a pump can aggravate penile conditions instead of alleviating them.

  • Surgical implants


Studies show that although implants are a 3rd line treatment, they have excellent efficacy and satisfaction rate. Surgical implant surgery success is pinned at 90%-95%, while satisfaction rates of the implants in use are 80%-90%. Studies show that men regained erection functionality after having the implants put in. 


According to studies, surgical implants hit the trifecta with high overall satisfaction and efficacy rates and low associated complications. It's well tolerated and safe, but there are concerns with safety post-procedure, as surgical procedures can cause infection, implant malfunction, internal erosion or adhesion, and improper healing, which affects overall health.

-Side Effects:

The side effects of implants stem from the post-surgery risks. Suppose patients experience infection, implant malfunction, internal erosion or adhesion, and improper healing. In that case, this makes way for other adversities such as severe pain, fever, discomfort, permanent penile tissue damage, and more.

  • Herbal supplements


Studies show that natural herbal supplements enhance libidos and sexual desire, contributing to better erectile function. While these supplements may be effective, continuous long-term use is required for maximum results. 


PubMed study showed that the safety profile of such remedies is of major concern. Herbal supplements are not FDA approved or regulated for use, so there are several safety concerns. These agents typically don’t work well with other medicines and are not tolerable to those who have underlying health issues or are generally sensitive. These supplements can also have a negative effect on cardiovascular health if not used properly, running the risk of users developing other conditions. 

-Side Effects:

Side effects linked to herbal supplement use are mild and tolerable and include upset stomach, nausea, headaches, and an increased heart rate. These side effects are typically short-lived but can reappear with prolonged use of the supplement. Since long-term use is the only way to get the desired results from these supplements, that means that side effects are inevitable. 

The Fastest Way to Cure ED Revealed 

After looking at the different aspects of some of the most used ED treatments on the market, we’ve concluded that oral medications are the best and fastest way to cure ED symptoms. As we mentioned, an earlier oral medication designed to treat ED belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor class. 

These FDA approved drugs alleviate symptoms of ED by naturally promoting, supporting, and accelerating processes that support erections. These drugs target the dysfunction at its root, while some of the other treatment options provide more of a superficial solution, which supports the reappearance of ED symptoms. 

While other options may be faster at producing an erection, the duration of effects is lacking, side effect rates are high, and safety and tolerance aren’t nearly where it needs to be to match different severities of the condition or different patient groups (those with several underlying conditions). 

ED drugs are also very flexible, have a low-risk profile compared to other options, and can be integrated into combination treatment plans without inducing severe side effects. They carry an excellent safety and efficacy profile paired with a great onset of action and effect duration, all the markings of a fast and effective cure for ED.

A Long-Term Solution to ED

So, we've determined that the oral route is the fastest way to cure ED despite its cause, but as with any treatment, a helping hand from us, the user, is always welcomed for maximum benefit. When using oral ED treatments, experts encourage users to make lifestyle changes to support faster, more successful outcomes.

These changes include: 

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight

According to The Heart Foundation, achieving and maintaining an ideal weight/BMI score can help improve heart health, which is the foundation of a good erection. An erection is made from a large volume of blood that fills up in the penile region. 

Blood is pumped to this region by the heart, so supporting the heart means supporting an erection. Together with the effects produced by ED drugs, users will see marked improvements in shorter time frames.

  • Aim for optimal blood pressure levels

Since erections are made of blood, a consistent blood supply supported by ideal blood pressure levels is an important part of a healthy erection. When blood pressure levels fluctuate, they fuel ED symptoms such as unstable erections. Thus, it's important to aim for optimal blood pressure levels. This can be achieved through weight loss. 

study shows losing more than 3%-5% of your total body weight can greatly improve blood pressure readings. The blood-promoting benefit of oral ED drugs will be accelerated if blood pressure levels are stable, resulting in a firm and rigid erections. 

  • Opt for a healthier, more balanced diet and exercise 

Diet plays an important role in every facet of body and mind functioning, so it's no surprise that a few chops and changes can positively affect erections. The diet doesn't have to be perfect or strict, just nutritious. 

PubMed study shows that a Mediterranean diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seafood, and lean protein sources may improve erectile dysfunction. Next to diet, exercise takes centre stage. An article in the Journal of Health Science found a link between exercise and erectile dysfunction. 

The results showed that men with ED that took part in light exercise found that their erectile dysfunction symptoms improved. Experts recommend engaging in at least 30 minutes of activity/exercise a day, whether it's a walk, bike ride, or run, it can make a world of difference to blood flow and erections. This would multiply the positive effect the oral ED drugs have on the condition.

  • Check your testosterone levels

Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone because it plays a role in the proper functioning of libidos. The hormone tends to decline as men age, causing lowered libidos. This leads to a lack of sexual desire and sexual activity, which eventually leads to ED. So, keeping testosterone levels at their peak can help peak the effect the oral ED drugs have on erectile responses and ED as a whole. 

  • Avoid excessive cigarette use and alcohol consumption

Smoking and drinking alcohol may seem like the perfect thing to get you up and running in the bedroom, but they are actually not. These substances can harm sexual performance from multiple angles. According to research, nicotine and alcohol are vasoconstrictors which means they cause blood vessels to narrow. This limits blood flow, causing issues with erection formation. Avoiding excessive use/consumption of cigarettes and nicotine will ensure that the effects of the oral ED drugs are sustained.


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