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Turn Down the Stress and Turn Up the Pleasure

<p>Turn Down the Stress and Turn Up the Pleasure</p>
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We live in a high-stress culture. And while sex can be a great stress reliever, you may be like some men who turn into a lustless, monastic, anxious mess when you’re overwhelmed. 

Are you far too stressed to put yourself in a sexual situation? 

You may be what GQ Magazine termed “anxiousexual.”

The research into the relationship between stress and sexual desire is full of contradictions. Some studies show that stress heightens a man’s desire and sensitivity to erotic stimuli, while others show that it dulls libido. In 2012, a group of researchers asked 75 straight people to keep daily diaries tracking their sexual activity and stress level. They determined that sex can relieve stress for both men and women, but only for those in relationships where both parties were happy with the frequency and quality of the sex, and in which there was no sexual dysfunction.

Did I say sexual dysfunction?

Man, it takes courage to talk about sexual dysfunction. It even takes courage to read about it. But there’s no shame if you can relate to erectile dysfunction, vanishing sexual desires, low libido, and/or lack of closeness with their partner.

Intimacy is a uniquely human experience. There are so many emotions wrapped up in our connectedness to our partners. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and distractions often lead to a less satisfying sex life. 

There’s something that can help every aspect of “anxiousexuality.” 

Mt. Everest is a breakthrough compound medication that addresses the full sexual needs of men. It is the only approved, physician-directed drug of its kind that is available exclusively from Nu Image Medical. 

It is uniquely composed of three compounds, which makes it different than any other male arousal product in the marketplace. You’ll love what Mt. Everest can do for you and your relationship.

The three active ingredients are: 


This is a common ingredient found in other erectile dysfunction medications. It relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body. It treats impotence as well as enlarged prostate. The truth is, more than half of men across America will experience E.D., but only 25% of them talk to a doctor and get treated. Be in the 75% and talk to one of our physicians in a private, telehealth consult.  


If sexual desire is waning, PT-141 will inject romance back into the relationship. It targets the lack or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. Consider it an aphrodisiac. If that sounds like something you need, then get connected with one of our licensed physicians to talk about Mt. Everest. Our telehealth consult is just like going to the doctor, without the inconvenience of going to the doctor. You can meet with us from the comfort of your own home. 


This is a hormone released by the pituitary gland that is commonly referred to as” the love hormone” or “the cuddle hormone.” Making love is more than sex, and snuggling one another can reignites that spark. Oxytocin opens men to intimacy and closeness, which are an important part of a healthy love life. 

We make it easier to address your performance and confidence in the bedroom with a discreet, free telehealth consult with a licensed physician.

At Nu Image Medical, we believe in keeping your personal life private. If you’re approved for Mt. Everest or any of our other health and wellness solutions, you can get your products shipped directly to your home, in a discreet package. 

See what we did?  We took the stress out of this for you! Say goodbye to Mr. Anxiousexual. He’ll soon be a thing of the past!



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