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3 Sexual Health Concerns for Men

3 Sexual Health Concerns for Men
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Unless men are bragging about the glory days or night to be jealous of, most guys won’t talk about the important events affecting men's sexual health. Even in front of a healthcare provider looking to make sure everything is working correctly and assessing potential health risks, men don’t like to talk about the intimate details of their sex lives. However, there are three areas of sexual health that need to be addressed if you are going to be aware of both the positive and negative impacting factors.

STI Testing and Prevention

While women have been given recommendations for a yearly gynecologic exam and health insurance plans usually cover this preventative health check, there is no such recommendation for heterosexual men. While there are recommends that those who have intercourse in transgender or homosexual relationships to be tested yearly for an STI, the primary concern- as far as the CDC reaches- is that there is more evidence to suggest screening asymptomatic, heterosexual women is more effective than testing their male counterparts.  Additionally, the effects of an STI are much more damaging and severe on a woman’s genitalia and their reproductive organs than they are on a penis. Therefore, the majority of the funding and resources on government levels are used to address those who experience the worst symptoms and those who are most at risk for contracting an STI. Those who individuals who engage in sex with the same sex are advised to get tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis at least once a year unless they have multiple partners, in which case it should be every three to six months. The CDC also recommends that homosexual or transgender partners be tested for HIV at least once a year.

Battling Erectile Dysfunction

The number of men suffering from ED is somewhat relative to an age division, with about 5% of men that have reached the age of 40 suffering from dysfunction and the number increased to about 15% for men in their 70s. Many experts feel these statistics are low, given the lack of transparent and admission of a problem when meeting with their physician or a urologist. However, most men will experience some form of dysfunction throughout their life, given the myriad of factors that can impact sexual performance. ED is a treatable medication condition, that that affects the desire and interest in sexual activity, the inability to get or sustain an erection strong enough for penetrative, satisfying sex, and difficulties with climax and ejaculation. In spite of being common among, those who suffer from erectile dysfunction experience shame, embarrassment, and guilt over their inability to please either themselves or their partner. Speaking to a doctor about your challenges can help isolate the cause of the ED, as there could a cardiovascular, physiological, or hormonal imbalance affecting your ability to have sex. Medications and assistive devices such as pumps are often used to treat this condition, with Mt. Everest being a highly sought-after treatment. This medication combines three powerful drugs to help create and sustain a strong erection, increase your sexual desire, and enhance your feelings of closeness and intimacy through heightened sensations and satisfaction.

Male Birth Control Options

Men are just as keen as women at avoiding unwanted pregnancy, but often they feel like their hands are tied with birth control options. Both getting a vasectomy and using a condom are effective ways of preventing pregnancy, and they are the most reliable form of prevention on the market. While some men would rather use the pull-out methods, this becomes more effective when it is used in conjunction with a female form of birth control like the pill or diaphragm.  However, a new product is in development called Vasalgel, which in essence, will be a reversible vasectomy. The intended use for the gel is to avoid the surgical blockage created by cutting within the penis, instead offering a gel insertion. Whenever the man decides he is ready for kids, the gel can be dissolved. This could be a game-changer for men and the birth control options they have control over, but the company behind the idea and product doesn’t have the funds needed to take it to human testing. It is always suggested that both partners utilize a form of birth control if pregnancy is undesirable.


Knowing about the issues with your sexual health can put in a better place to address early symptoms, practice prevention, or make more informed decisions. As relationships and sexual experiences continue to be redefined by changing gender assignments, research will need to continue to adapt to the challenges presented in areas of STIs or medical conditions.


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