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11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your E.D.

11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your E.D.
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Dealing with erectile dysfunction can be a challenge. Not only can it be disappointing for you, but as a society, we have made it a taboo subject and it can be embarrassing to talk about it. There's no need to feel that way, however, as ED is a natural development and we've never been positioned to counter it than we are today. Here are 11 options for combating your ED.

1) Herbal Remedies

Some people prefer to try herbal remedies when dealing with ED, such as ginseng or ginkgo. Although they have not been found to be as effective as other medical options on their own, they are available for those who prefer herbal treatments in general.

2) Increased Exercise

What many people fail to realize is that ED is rarely just related to issues in the bedroom. Your overall health plays a part in your sexual function, so increasing your daily exercise and raising your overall fitness levels will help to improve function when it counts.

3) Improved Diet

Just like a better exercise regimen is an effective way of combating ED, so too is improving your diet. When the food you take in is healthy and nutritious it provides your body with the fuel it needs to perform at its best, not just over the course of a day of work but also when you get home and it's time for more enjoyable pursuits.

4) Reduced Drinking

There exist several slang terms for ED caused as a result of having a little bit too much to drink, and with good reason. A night of heavy drinking can lead to performance issues in the bedroom. It's not always a direct effect, however, as longterm drinking can also have longterm performance effects, even on nights when you are sober. Cutting back on how often you drink may help to restore what's missing in the bedroom.

5) Reduced Smoking

Just like alcohol can have a negative effect and results in ED, so too does excessive smoking. In addition to the general health reasons to give up cigarettes, cutting back smoking can also help you to perform.

6) Take it Easy

One of the most-easily overlooked causes of ED is physical and mental stress. If you've found that you're flagging when it matters most, the solution may be as simple as finding some time to relax and enjoy life more in your free time. Find a hobby which clears your mind and makes you feel worry-free. The next time you're intimate with a partner you just might find that there's a little bit more in store now that your mind is at ease.

7) Hormone Therapy

The unfortunate reality of aging is that it can have a negative effect on men's sexual health. As you grow older, natural hormones like testosterone can drop. With a testosterone replacement therapy plan, synthetic testosterone is taken in order to raise your levels back to where they were in your younger days, and help you rise to the occasion with them.

8) Therapy Sessions

One area that you may be surprised to learn can have a big effect on your physical performance has nothing to do with your physical body at all. Mental aches can manifest themselves physically, and one area where this is not uncommon for men is in the form of ED. If you're struggling, speaking with a therapist can help you to address what's ailing you and work toward feeling better, and performing better as a result.

9) Couples Therapy

Sometimes as a couple, you can grow apart naturally, despite still being wildly in love and not seeking separation. The good news is you can work to improve on your relationship and fix those cracks, and couples therapy is an excellent way to do just that. When you're more in-step with your partner in general, it's easier to be in-step in the bedroom, as well.

10) PT Treatments

Physical pains in one area of your body can lead to performance issues elsewhere in your body. If you've suffered an injury that is causing you chronic or acute pains, then speaking with a physical therapist can help with your ED. As your body feels better it can go back to functioning as you're used to.

11) Medication Options

While the male enhancement world was once a one-horse race, there are now many excellent options for ED treatment. Products like Mt. Everest provide a medically supervised solution to a happier, healthier you.  Whereas other competitive products only offer one of the 3 things that you need to success in the bedroom, Mt. Everest contains 3 different products that help get you in the mood, and perform!

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