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Your Best Options for Reversing Aging | Nu Image Medical®

<p>Your Best Options for Reversing Aging | Nu Image Medical®</p>
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People who are facing the aging process may be on top of the latest creams, brain games, or medications to help promote more youthful skin or improved cognitive function, but what about those who don’t take any proactive measures? Some people can be so busy living their lives and chasing their dreams that they forget to plan on a healthy future, which includes paying attention to what is happening to their body as it ages and changes. Many have searched for an instant solution to their wrinkles, such as with Botox or other medications, but you can only turn the hands of time back so far. If you are really interested in looking for a way to reverse the aging process, the positive steps you take now to address areas of concern are the ways to add years to your life. This, in effect, is a way to keep the aging journey from taking away the life you love.

Ditch the Bad Habits

There are many areas of life that don’t seem to be causing any immediate problems for your health, but things like smoking or excessive drinking can be limiting your longevity. The number one recommended thing for improved health is quitting smoking. This habit has been listed with a negative list of things like lung cancers and disorders as well as heart disease. Alcohol consumption can also have a terrible effect on the body, as it infuses every cell and creates damage. The damage, although occurring at the cellular level, eventually breaks down the liver functions. While a glass of wine is recommended periodically, excessive drinking will damage your lifespan potential. Another bad habit is that of sleep deprivation. Even though you may feel vibrant and ready to go, your body needs the ability to repair itself and give your heart a rest.  The benefits of sleep improve cognitive and mental functioning as well, as the mind relies on dreaming and REM patterns to recharge and diffuse stress or tension.

Adopt an 

Anti-Aging Routine

In order to stay in the know about the things your body is going through or the concerns that you may have with aging, working with an anti-aging doctor or healthcare professional can be highly beneficial. A practitioner will be able to recommend holistic or medical interventions for the changes or decline that might be occurring, just as they can also take a yearly assessment of the different biomarkers in the body. These include estrogen levels, thyroid output, DHEA, cholesterol levels, lung functioning, and nutrient levels. This insight can give you a more targeted approach to a plan that addresses your unique aging journey.

Adapt Your Diet

If you want to prepare your body for a long and healthy life, you need to adapt your diet long before you reach what some consider old age. The right diet will minimize red meat consumption and turn to lean proteins, and the healthy fats found in salmon, sardines, and mackerel. These fish also help prevent radical molecules from damaging the cells. You should also increase your intake of complex carbs like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains while considering an overhaul of your total intake to a 30% calorie restriction. Refined sugars and processed foods have little nutritional value, and your digestive system has to work harder to make use of the fuel. You should also increase your probiotic consumption to improve digestive functions and keep your colon and intestines from harboring damaging cells. Your water intake should also be monitored to ensure you are getting at least 64 ounces a day.

Start Your Supplements

Many people add supplements to their morning routine or healthy lifestyle protocol too late in life to work as a preventive. The body starts to lose the ability to absorb nutrients, and the general eating habits of many across the country do not include the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. There will be different supplements that can be taken along the way, but calcium, probiotics, and Vitamin C are some of the more effective at promoting total body health and improved internal functioning. Antioxidants will help prevent illness from attacking the body, and taking CoQ10 supplements can help maintain cognitive functioning. A quality multivitamin is a good start, but individual supplements reduce risks in specific areas.


When it comes to facing the aging journey, the best way to improve longevity and good health for your remaining years is through prevention. By proactively addressing areas of muscle mass, energy, cognitive delay, and bone health, you reduce the risk of developing conditions or symptoms that often accompany aging. This begins a silent reversal of the slow inner toll degeneration begins to take once you enter your 30s.


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