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Fight Aging with Nu Image Medical® - Online TeleHealth Services

Fight Aging with Nu Image Medical® - Online TeleHealth Services
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Aging is a normal part of life, but some wear it better than others. People are more commonly worried about their looks at they age, as the exterior of your body is often the first clue that you have come through a few decades. While there have been some very successful anti-aging protocols that address the interior breakdown of the body through peptide injections and boosting the production of the human growth hormone, you can also address your age through your diet. A healthy diet is necessary for a strong body that can combat illness and disease, but did you know that a poor diet can affect your looks long before you realize the internal damage that has been done? Here are the foods you should avoid if you want to starve off the look of old age.

1. Sugar

Your body doesnât need much sugar to survive, and whenever your body has received more sugar than its cells can process or synthesize, the resulting effect is an unhealthy molecular bond between sugars and proteins. This bond disrupts healthy development and maintenance of skin collagen levels, the protein used to keep the skin more elastic and youthful. Beyond skin concerns, too much sugar damages the teeth, leaving discoloration and tooth decay in its wake.

2. Well-done Foods

If you like your burger burnt, you are filling your body with pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons. A build-up of these elements break down collagen and leave your skin damaged. You donât need to swear off a good steak or barbecuing on the 4th, but definitely make sure you keep your food from being overly cooked. Donât forget to thoroughly clean the grill of char residue before you sear those steaks.

3. Alcohol

Some research has shown that a glass of red wine every now and then is good for your health because of the antioxidants that it contains. Conversely, too much alcohol can keep the liver from functioning efficiently, creating a build-up of toxins. The skin will naturally try to expel toxins in the system, which could lead to issues with acne, wrinkles, and sallowness. Not only that, but alcohol dehydrates the body and makes it difficult for the body to get a good nightâs sleep. When this occurs, it could lead to reduced skin elasticity, uneven coloring or skin tone, and wrinkles. White wine is considered damaging because it can wear down your teeth enamel and stain the teeth.

4. Salty Foods

As you age, your bodily organs tend to slow down and have impaired functioning. Your body also responds differently to foods, but across the board, aging and salt seem to be concerns for everyone. When your body is exposed to salty foods, it loses its ability to flush excess water out of the system. The retention properties of sodium can cause your face and body to have a puffy look and in some cases, excess water can cause more severe edema or swelling of the limbs and extremities.

5. Trans Fats

You may have already been staying away from trans fats because of the risk it poses to heart health, but they affect your looks as well.  Trans fats promote inflammation and can make your skin more sensitive to aging through increased vulnerability to harmful UV rays. If you aren't sure what trans fats look like, stay away from products that have hydrogenated oil listed as a main ingredient.

6. Processed Meat

If you are wanting to prevent inflammation in your skin, avoid eating bacon, sausages, or other meats with sulfates and preservatives. In addition to the effect on the skin and an accelerated effect on the appearance of aging, processed meats are full of sodium. This further compounds your problems with water retention.

7. Red Meat

While you are eliminating processed meats from your diet, try to limit your consumption of red meat as well. The danger in fatty meats is the production of free radicals. There are unstable molecules that attack the skinâs ability to protect itself and produce enough collagen. Switching to lean meats like chicken and turkey can help reduce this threat to your looks.

8. Caffeine

It might be a cultural tradition to sit back and sip coffee in your retired years, but caffeine has a damaging effect on both your skin and teeth. The color of coffee can lead to discoloration and staining, but caffeine is a diuretic that dehydrates the body. Skin that is dehydrated looks dull and aged.


The body requires a good supply of vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy and functioning at maximum potential. When your body begins to decline, be cautious about what you feed it, as your choices may impact how well you age.


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