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14 Common Misconceptions About Anti-Aging | Nu Image Medical®

14 Common Misconceptions About Anti-Aging | Nu Image Medical®
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There's no stopping time from passing, and aging is a natural process for everyone lucky enough to go through it, yet it's only natural to want to minimize the visible and physical effects of aging. Unfortunately, so much of what we know about aging is incorrect. Don't fall for these common anti-aging misunderstandings.

1) Brand Names Are Better

While it's true that not all anti-aging treatments are created equal, that doesn't mean that the names you recognize the most, or those which have the highest prices, are necessarily the best. Always take time to research a product online before adding it to your anti-aging regimen.

2) You'll Notice Changes Immediately

Many consumers think their anti-aging treatments will be like make-up, where they can start using them and watch problem areas disappear. While you may be able to cover wrinkles in the short term, making actual improvements takes time and consistent treatment.

3) Not Everyone Needs Sunscreen

While it's well known that someone with fair skin needs to slap on some protection before heading out the door for a day of fun in the sun, there is a common misconception that if you have dark skin it's not necessary. While higher melanin levels can help you to withstand the sun's rays better, that doesn't mean dark skin makes you immune to the harmful effects of extended exposure to the sun.

4) SPF Makeup Is Good Enough

Although there is no harm in adding some extra SPFs to your skin, makeups which include SPF protection are not a substitute for sunscreen. If you're going somewhere that you should wear sunscreen, don't consider it done after a little makeup.

5) High SPF Levels Make You Immune

With products now offering SPF levels in the triple digits, it's easy to think that choosing a high SPF rating means you don't have to worry about reapplying or getting shade, but that's not true. While SPF 30 is the minimum recommended protection, there are diminishing levels of increased protection as the level gets above it, so you should still follow normal sun-safety protocols, even if you have a high-SPF sunscreen on.

6) All Tanning Is Bad

It's understood that for all the aesthetic benefits of a nice tan, there are potential long-term health risks in the form of elevated risk of skin cancer and dried-out, leathery skin. While it's important to always be protected and take care with your sun exposure, some direct sunlight every day is good for your health and helps your body generate Vitamin D. With controlled exposure and regular sunscreen use you can gently tan in a healthy manner.

7) Home Remedies

There are no shortage of home remedies to fight wrinkles or cure aches and pains, but all-too-often their effects are minimal if they exist at all. Always seek medical backing for any home remedies before counting on them for results.

8) You Can't Fight Genetics

While it's true that everybody ages differently and you can't totally control the process, you can still take the right steps to counter aging and improve how you age regardless of your genes.

9) Not Smiling Keeps You Young

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have popularized the idea of minimizing facial expression to avoid wrinkles. While it's true it can marginally reduce wrinkling, the effect is so small that it hardly justifies the effort and joylessness of repressing smiles.

10) Harsh Soaps Are Necessary

Turning to soaps which promise to remove all germs, oils and dirt may seem like a positive option, but harsh soaps and disinfectants can dry out your skin and increase the natural effects of aging.

11) A One-Size-Fits-All Solution Exists

Just like diets and exercise plans, there's no one plan that works for everyone. Instead, you should try the most commonly successful anti-aging treatments and keep using those which suit you best.

12) Facial Exercises Fight Wrinkles

Stretching and working your facial muscles is a popular recommendation to fight wrinkles. While it can help to tighten neck skin slightly, the effects on facial wrinkles are minimal.

13) Hair Loss Is Inevitable

One popular anti-agingconcern is hair loss. While your genetics will play a part in your hair loss or thinning, with modern hair treatments you can resist or even reverse loss patterns.

14) You Can't Fight Time

Many people reach the point where they think there's nothing you can do about some natural aging. While you can't stop the process entirely, treatments like peptide therapy can have a significant impact on the way you age and keep you feeling younger.

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