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The Supplement List You Need to Get On | Nu Image Medical®

The Supplement List You Need to Get On | Nu Image Medical®
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Men are notorious for skipping out on their annual wellness physical, much to the concern of wives, mothers, partners, and mates. You really can’t substitute proactive medical attention for a strictly natural approach to health and wellness, but there are some supplements that can improve male health in a variety of ways. By getting on a consistent supplement routine, you could both look and feel better mentally and physically. Not sure where to start? Consider supplements with these nutrients.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Civilizations for thousands of years have been using the by-product of fermented crushed apples to cure different illnesses and ailments. Traditional research has found that vinegar in general, but particularity apple cider vinegar, is able to help lower blood sugar levels. For those that have diabetes, this could potentially even out your body’s glucose levels. Studies have also shown the substance shows promise for areas of weight loss and detoxification. As men tend to battle the belly bulge throughout their later years, a supplement may help in the fight to control their weight. It has also been shown that it could help you feel fuller and encourage you to eat less.

Maca Root

This native Peruvian plant is growing in popularity, especially among male users. The plant has been linked to increased sex drive in men and improved sexual functions. At some point, men of all ages could struggle with issues in men's sexual health. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition affecting the hardness of a man’s erection and libido. Maca root is like a natural Mt. Everest, giving men a chance at a normal sex life with extreme satisfaction. In addition to stress support, maca root supplements also fight against the damaging effects of stress on the body. The flavonoids in the plant compound promote a positive mood and reduce depression.

Vitamin D

In general, most Americans do not get enough Vitamin D. For males, a deficiency in the vitamin could severely impact testosterone levels. In addition to jeopardizing your sex drive and interest, a lack of Vitamin D can create other health issues. It can increase the risk of developing sleep apnea, which will affect energy levels and create prolonged fatigue. A deficiency can also reduce your metabolism, contributing to weight management difficulties. Low Vitamin D levels promote bone and heart health, two areas of concern for men’s health as they age. Since the body tends to get most of its Vitamin D from the sun, a supplement is much needed especially during winter months.


Just like Vitamin D, most men don’t get enough magnesium in their diet. Since it is important for protein synthesis, blood sugar control, and nerve function, a supplement can give your body the amount it needs for optimum performance. You can get some magnesium from foods like spinach, black beans, almonds, and bananas.  In males, magnesium supplements can support muscular health as well as support testosterone levels in the blood when an exercise program is followed.


Many have never heard of this trace mineral found in foods like prunes, raisins, almonds, and chickpeas. However, it is important for male prostate health, in addition to areas of brain function, bone health, and immune response. If you don’t have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you should consider taking a supplement to raise your boron levels.


These polyunsaturated fatty acids are famous for anti-inflammatory properties. For men, the support Omega-3s provide for cardiovascular health is important for strong sexual functions. These nutrients are also impressive boosters to your cognitive health. Too many men fill their diet with the inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, as these are found in foods made with refined vegetable oils. To provide a more balanced ratio of fatty acids, decrease the consumption of omega-6s while increasing your intake of omega-3s. If you aren’t a fan of eating fish, where omega-3s are found in the highest content, you can use a supplement.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Another little known nutrient called saw palmetto is a scrub tree with dark red berries found in Africa, Europe, and the United States. Within the U.S., the Native Americans used the berries as a source of both food and medicine before Europeans settled the land. In past uses, the berries were used to treat issues with urinary tract infections and improve prostate health. Some clinical research has suggested that taking a supplement of saw palmetto extract can support a healthy prostate by keeping the hormones in balance and protect the prostate from abnormal enlargement.


Don’t think that adding these supplements to your diet gives you a pass on a wellness check. It is best to do both to make sure your body is in the best shape possible.


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