WHAT IS Acarbose (Precose®)?

Acarbose (Precose®), a prescription carbohydrate blocker, slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, which regulates blood sugar levels and leads to weight loss. This medication has helped our patients reach a healthy body composition, prevent type 2 diabetes, and cut down on abdominal fat through passive caloric restriction.

nu image medical acarbose precose
nu image medical acarbose precose
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Acarbose (Precose®):
The science

Acarbose (Precose®) prevents excess glucose from turning into body fat by inhibiting alpha-amylase, an enzyme that turns carbohydrates into fat and sugar. The inhibition of this enzyme reduces the rate of carbohydrate digestion, which means they are not broken down into glucose and are removed as waste.


Acarbose (Precose®) promotes weight loss and helps to eliminate the hunger, cravings, and decreased physical activity caused by low-calorie dieting. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise program, patients have lost weight effectively, even those who maintain a high-carbohydrate diet or have occasional cheat days. This medication also aids in blood sugar, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


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