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PT-141 nasal spray

PT-141, also known as bremelanotide, is an innovative peptide hormone that is believed to activate melanocortin receptors leading to enhanced sexual response. PT-141 works directly on the nervous system to produce sexual arousal, increase libido, influence sexual behavior, and aid in various sexual deficiencies that affect both men and women. PT-141 has also shown results in addressing erectile dysfunction, and increases blood flow to the genital area, which helps make it an effective therapy for low libido.

How PT-141 nasal spray works

PT-141 acts directly on the central nervous system; it binds to melanocortin receptors in the hypothalamus. Activation of these brain neurons is thought to have a direct erectogenic effect which can lead to erections, easier stimulation, and increased sexual arousal. The effect of the medication can last hours, whereas the libido-enhancing effects of PT-141 can last even longer. Bremelanotide is currently FDA-approved for the treatment of female hypoactive sexual desire disorder but has not received FDA approval for use in men. However, with a physician’s prescription we’ve had PT-141 combined in our custom compound medication for over a year now with excellent results.


PT-141 may:

  • Improve sex drive.
  • Increased sexual desire.
  • Contribute to higher stamina.
  • Lead to longer erections and performance.
  • Improved mood.
PT-141 nasal spray
Safety Info