Is HGH Effective For Weight Loss

As we’ve started to treat patients under our HGH therapy program, we’ve gotten many questions regarding HGH and its weight loss benefits.  The HGH weight loss benefits have been well documented over the years, and many people have looked towards HGH therapy for weight loss.  Let’s take a closer look!

As you age, you gain weight.  This notion has been widely accepted over the years, and has become something we must live with.  Instead of accepting this as something that is supposed to happen, let’s looks at why we tend to pack on those extra pounds as we get older.  Our bodies slowly change as time goes and those changes are usually in the form of un-welcomed wrinkles, lose skin, organ malfunction, and of course weight gain.  One of the main reasons why this happens to us as we age is because out HGH levels begin to decrease dramatically right after our 20’s.  In our mid twenties, our bodies are working at peak level, and the reason is because our HGH levels peak in our mid twenties.  By the time we are 60, we only have 20% of the production we had in our mid twenties.  That explains the differences not only in physical performance, but also in physical appearance between a person in the 20’s and someone in their 60’s.

HGH & Weight Loss, What Happens!

HGh is produced by our body while we sleep.  As part of its many functions, this powerful hormone is responsible for our metabolism’s performance.  The longer our bodies take to metabolize what we eat on a daily basis, the more we store in the form of fat.  As noted earlier in the post, our HGH levels drop dramatically as we age.  As soon as our body’s ability to produce healthy levels of HGH decreases, so will our ability to metabolize what we eat at a high rate resulting in more fat, and slower weight loss.

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