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Prescription hCG Drops Help Ensure Dietary Success

If you have been wanting to lose weight and exploring diet plans, then you have probably heard of the hCG diet. When used correctly, you can often lose up to a pound-per-day on the hCG diet. However, to successfully embark on Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons’ hCG diet protocol, you will need to purchase human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). HCG is the key to the diet’s success and must be taken every day during the Phase One and Phase Two segments of the dietary plan. Historically, hCG was available only as injections, which many people avoided, but nowadays, you can take highly effective hCG drops.

What is hCG?

HCG is a hormone naturally produced by women during pregnancy, in fact, it is often referred to as the ‘pregnancy hormone.’ The hormone is released by the placenta to encourage the woman’s body to utilize its fat reserves to nourish the fetus in utero. During the 1950s, Dr. Simeons, a leading endocrinologist and founder of the hCG diet, became fascinated with malnourished women who were able to carry infants to full term and give birth to healthy-weight babies. After undertaking extensive research, he concluded that it was the production of hCG that forced the woman’s body to burn fat to nourish the fetus. He went on to administer hCG to non-pregnant individuals and found that the hormone also curbed appetite, helped the body burn fat, and reset the metabolism of those patients so they could successfully lose drastic amounts of weight. The early research was the inception of the highly successful hCG diet. However, to be effective, the dieter must take pure hCG while following the strict 500-calorie per day dietary protocol.

Types of hCG Drops

HCG drops come in two forms: homeopathic and prescription.

  • Homeopathic Drops: Homeopathic drops are widely available from online vendors and at natural food stores. However, unlike prescription hCG drops, they contain very little active hCG. Homeopathic hCG drops contain many other additives to water down the hCG and render the tiny amount irrelevant. Without active hCG, you will merely be starving yourself on a 500 calorie per day diet which puts you at risk of uncontrollable cravings and hunger frustration. Homeopathic hCG drops are widely available online and at health food stores. They require no prescription.

  • Prescription hCG: With prescription hCG, you can rest assured that you are receiving a pure product in optimum concentration. Prescription grade hCG is mixed with a liquid for more comfortable use, but it is a highly concentrated formula with utmost purity. To obtain high-quality prescription hCG, you must go through a licensed physician. If you decide to buy hCG drops anywhere, but a U.S. pharmacy, you run the risk of receiving a product that contains very little, if any hCG. Also, over-the-counter hCG is usually made up of inferior ingredients that may prove harmful to your health and ineffective as a dietary aide.

The Correct Dosage of HCG Drops

Depending on the time span of the hCG diet protocol that you opt to utilize, you will be taking the hCG drops for anywhere from two weeks to two months. This means that it is essential that you use a pure prescription product with the correct concentration of the hormone to successfully lose weight, keep hunger under control, and reset your metabolism to keep the weight off. With prescription hCG, it is imperative that you follow your doctor's dosage recommendations. Most advise that you place between four to six drops of hCG under your tongue three times per day. Ideally, you should hold the drops beneath your tongue for five to fifteen minutes, so the hormone effectively enters your system. The drops should be placed close to the large vein under your tongue for rapid absorption into your system. Also, abstain from eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes after taking the hormone

Taking the hCG drops every day ensures that the body uses its fat reserves, so you lose weight. The hCG also helps prevent cravings and resets metabolism, so you keep the pounds off even after you stop using the drops. However, for the diet to be successful, the hCG drops must be a pure prescription formula.

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The only way to legally obtain HCG is through a licensed doctor. In other words, HCG has to be prescribed. Buying HCG Drops from any place other than a U.S. pharmacy and prescribed by a licensed doctor is not only illegal, but can put your health at risk.

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