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Positive Benefits of Second-Language Learning

Positive Benefits of Second-Language Learning

With so much time on your hands during the coronavirus lockdown precautions, you may be wondering what to do once your Netflix watchlist is empty. You could clean out your closets or try your hand at knitting, doing things to help encourage positive morale and productivity. Its easy to get bored and frustrated with sitting around and feeling trapped, so finding ways to exercise your mind and body can help pass the time while improving your self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. Countries across the globe are struggling to address the dangers of the pandemic, once again bringing notice to how interconnected the globe has become. This is the perfect time to learn a second language and develop another layer of communication and engagement with your human family spread out around the world. In fact, there are several benefits of learning a new language.

You Feed Your Brain

Since you have a lot of downtime, your brain may not be getting the exercise it needs right now. Whether you are looking to improve your body’s anti-aging response or you are looking for new challenges, you can’t deny the many cognitive benefits of learning a new language. For those who are able to speak more than one language, research confirms a noticeable improvement in memory functions, enhanced concentration, advanced problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and more successful multitasking strategies. For individuals that are bilingual, there is increased adaptability to environmental changes and greater signs of flexibility and creativity. As a brain exercise, moving between two languages can slow cognitive decline and reduce mental aging.

You Connect With Humanity

The human experience is heightened when you can connect with others. In a time where people of all ages and walks of life are concerned with health and mortality, connectivity in any fashion is appreciated and desired. Bilingual individuals have an opportunity to communicated with more people around the world, whether you are communicating for work or personal reasons. Even though COVID-19 is keeping people from traveling around the world, there are many social media apps and website platforms where you can connect with peers around the globe. Speaking with them in their native language will make you a local, no matter where you live. Connecting on this level can create lifelong friendships and career networks.

You Advance Your Career

The global economy thrives when trade and commerce between countries go off without a hitch. Though there may be a few hiccups in the export/import industry right now, there is still a need for individuals that can cross language barriers in the business world. Language skills create a highly competitive advantage in the workplace. Bilingual abilities are one of the top eight skills that set professionals apart from their peers since many employers are wanting professionals that can communicate with overseas business partners or help the company expand into new markets. There is also a huge need for bilingual employees within the United States, as there are more than 60 million residents in the U.S. that only speak English as a second language. An employer often attracts second-language speakers with incentives for increased salaries or hiring bonuses. Learning a new language can put you ahead of the competition in the job market.

You Improve Your Mental Health

Learning a second language is a challenge, but there are positive mental health rewards that come from the task. The multi-tasking abilities you develop help you learn to manage anxieties and stress. You improve your sense of self-esteem and self-confidence as you master new words or phrases. You develop a strong identity as a bilingual individual, giving you a sense of purpose or fostering new ambition for your skills. The learning strategies for a language improve your application of sequencing and memory. As a language learning, you will deepen your ability to focus and divide information, helping reducing stress levels during intense situations like testing or workplace pressure. These strategies help reduce depression and anxiety.

You Make It Easier to Travel

When the fear and chaos of the coronavirus subsides, life will eventually go back to normal. You may find new travel opportunities with your language skills, as you can navigate airports, transportation systems, and cultures more easily. You will be able to communicate with the locals and gain their respect. You will know how to follow street signs, read museum placards, or put in your order at the local cafe. Travel becomes more enjoyable and meaningful when you can speak the language of the host country.

All of the time the quarantine has brought to homes across the nation could be seen as a gift. There is time to work on projects, talk to family members, and learn a second language. Don’t waste the beautiful gift of a slower-paced lifestyle.


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