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Lose Weight and Become a Happier and Healthier You

Lose Weight and Become a Happier and Healthier You

It's not a secret. To lose weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you burn. Sounds simple, right? But if you've ever tried it, there's a good chance you've found yourself frustrated in the process. More often than not, people have trouble losing fat, maintaining muscle, and getting the body they want.

You want to make a change because you know looking and feeling your best will change your outlook on life. You also understand that being overweight increases your risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. 

Too often, people give up the struggle in despair, which leads to further weight gain and the resolution that this is all the better things will ever get. We don't want that to be you.

We want you to look in the mirror and believe that you can do it. You can have the body you want and reach the health goals you set for yourself.  

Become a Happier, Healthier YOU

You can lose weight and find your ideal body with our HCG weight loss plan. Today, HCG is being used worldwide as a proven weight loss solution.

The HCG diet is sometimes referred to as the HCG-Cure because it works to reprogram your body to use stored fat for energy when you reduce calories for periods of time. It has been proven to be effective in both men and women of all different body types and even has been successful for patients with hypothyroidism and menopause, conditions for which most other diets have failed.

With Nu Image Medical, you will have physician-guided support through the program, giving you access to medical assistance as questions arise or additional help is needed. 

Here's how it works:

You'll Use the Original Dr. Simeons Protocol

Years ago, world-renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons discovered that the human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone, which is naturally produced by women during pregnancy, tapped into the body's stored fat as a source of energy. The hormone could redistribute and burn fat as well as diminish feelings of hunger and fatigue.

Dr. Simeons launched what is now known as the HCG diet, and people whose bodies were resistant to weight loss started seeing results. They were dropping pounds, gaining muscle toned, and improving their overall confidence. Because the HCG diet was medically supervised, it became a secure and healthy way to get dramatic and motivating results.

We employ the same protocol, sticking to the specific, low-calorie diet and guidelines created by Dr. Simeons, which delivers the safest and best results.

HCG Targets Stubborn Fat, NOT Muscle 

For weight loss, just a small amount of HCG makes fat stores readily available for your body to use for fuel. When combined with a specific low-calorie eating plan, your body will revert to burning your fat for energy and nourishment instead of your lean muscle mass. This fat utilization is referred to as ketosis

Fat is a fantastic source of energy, so you'll feel like you have the stamina that you may have been missing before. Also, when your body is burning fat, your muscles aren't being compromised. Another perk of ketosis is you'll notice your appetite naturally decrease, and your energy levels increase.

Supervised by a Physician 

You may find other HCG protocols online that are not created by actual doctors. Plans that are not created and supervised by a physician can be very dangerous. There are many scams out there that are selling "Homeopathic HCG." You cannot get pure HCG without a prescription.

We recommend HCG that is 100% pure and developed by medical experts and backed by physicians. You can attain it with a prescription from one of our licensed doctors and pharmacies. We also offer other weight loss supplements as well, such as the Ultraburn injections and/or capsules that may help you better reach your weight loss goals. We never use any homeopathic or hormone-free products which can be harmful to your body.  

We want to make sure HCG is right for you, so you'll start by opening a digital medical file. It's important to know where you're starting, where you want to go, and what is the current state of your health. Then, you'll consult with a licensed physician from the comfort of your home. Your consultation physician will prescribe the right products for you, and a licensed partner pharmacy will deliver them discreetly to your door.

We've made everything risk-free because your health is our top priority. If for some reason, the HCG weight loss plan is not in your best interest due to a medical concern, you may not be approved to start the program. If this happens, there is no charge.

You will receive our ongoing physician supervision. We've been where you are. 100% of our team has used or is currently using, one or more of our products. We don't want doubt or concerns to sabotage your success.

Easy-to-Follow Plan

For your body to use your fat stores for energy and to experience hunger suppression, it's essential to follow a very specific, low-calorie diet. The idea behind this is simple. Unlike other low-calorie diets, the HCG plan differs in one aspect. The weight you lose due to a low caloric intake will not come from your body eating your lean muscle away, but from HCG resetting the hypothalamus to use your fat stores as an energy source.

We will help you understand the maintenance phase of the program, as well. During the maintenance phase, you will intake a higher amount of calories from healthy food sources. One of the most overlooked benefits of the HCG plan is that once you're done with the low-calorie intake phase, your body will want to consume much smaller portions of food.

FREE eGuide, Recipes, and eBooks

We make it as easy as possible for you. Our eGuide will layout everything you need to know to get started, stay motivated, and see results. We know boredom and lack of satisfaction can hinder results, so we'll share delicious recipes that keep your eating plan enjoyable and fresh. Reading our free eBooks will serve as inspiration and clarification that you're on the right path.  We created these support tools with your success in mind. 

Take advantage of the great resources we provide to our patients before, during, and after HCG weight loss. If you have any questions, our team is more than ready to answer them.

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