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Is It Safe To Work Out With A Cold?

Is It Safe To Work Out With A Cold?

When you come down with a cold, it can put a damper in your workout routine. Sniffles and a cough can make it harder to draw enough energy to break a sweat. However, you don’t want to wait until after the cold to work out – after all, you want to focus on building your strength and losing weight.

So, can you work out with a cold? The simple answer is yes. However, there are a few things that you should know. At Nu Image Medical, we want to support you in your goals to workout and get the full Sermorelin results out of them.

Types Of Workout Options

Working out with a cold is entirely possible. You simply have to decide what kind of workout will be best for you.

  • Cardio
  • Strength Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

While all are going to have their benefits for you, some are better than others. Particularly when you want to lose weight and keep it off, strength training and HIIT can be the better choice. The reason is that you build muscle mass. When you have more muscle mass, it allows you to burn at a higher metabolic rate. Put simply, you can burn more calories even when you’re not working out.

Strength training won’t cause you to sweat as much as cardio and HIIT. Meanwhile, strength and HIIT may take more out of you because of the exertion that you have to utilize to get your results.

What Happens When You Have A Cold

No matter what you do to stay healthy, you may get a cold from time to time. Moderate physical activity when your sick can actually be a good thing. Additionally, it will ensure that you stay on track so you don’t allow a few days of sitting around the house to get you out of your workout routine.

According to the American Lung Association, if you’re dealing with a runny nose, nasal congestion, or even a minor sore throat, you’ll want to tone down your workout. Rather than HIIT, for example, you may want to take a walk or ride your bike. If you do anything too heavy, you may exert yourself.

Workouts help to release endorphins — and it may be one of the best ways to help you start to improve from your cold. You’re likely to be dehydrated when you’re sick, so you’ll want to hydrate even further when you add in a workout.

Now, if you have a fever, a heavy cough, or body aches, it might be best to skip a workout for a day or two. Allow your body to heal so you don’t make the conditions worse – especially if you have underlying conditions like heart disease, asthma, or COPD.

How To Get More Desirable Results

Working out allows you to reach all sorts of goals – building muscle, losing weight, and adding more tone to your body. As soon as you realize you’re sick, you might not want to give yourself enough grace to relax for a day or two. After all, you’re on a mission to become a healthier person.

Various hormones may be standing in your way of reaching some of your goals. It’s one of the reasons why you’re considering pushing through and working out even when you’re sick with the common cold or flu.

By taking peptides, you can feel young and more vibrant. It allows you to push through when you have mild cold symptoms. Plus, you can get the added help of building muscle and recovering faster.

Sermorelin results vary from patient to patient, though it is one of the best peptides that focus on anti-aging and wellness.

Explore Sermorelin As A Solution

Sermorelin therapy can be used by men and women as it addresses the declining production of the human growth hormone (HGH). Sermorelin results provide you with an anti-aging therapy. While it can take a few months to notice some of the effects, you may be able to feel some of the positive effects within days or weeks of starting the program.

If you’re already working out, you know the importance of building muscle and maintaining a healthy weight. You also know that it’s important to have plenty of energy to get through a workout at an intensity level that will help you.

As you start to age, your HGH levels decline so that you experience more aging symptoms – lower energy, decreased muscle mass, a slower metabolism, and more.

At Nu Image Medical, we offer a Sermorelin therapy that can be delivered right to your door. You can choose monthly or quarterly prescription packages. You’ll feel younger than you have in years, and it will be easier to make it through those HIIT workouts that you love so much, even when you’re sick.

You shouldn’t have to work so hard at working out just to reach your goals of losing weight and keeping your body healthy. Many of our patients have noticed that they see a decrease in their body fat without even working out at all.

Let us show you how Sermorelin can help you by contacting us today.

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