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How to Lose Weight Over Labor Day

How to Lose Weight Over Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is almost upon us, which means picnics, bar-b-ques, and outdoor gathering with friends and family. For someone who is trying to lose weight and establish optimal health, holidays are a mix of good times and great challenges. It’s all-too-easy to skip a workout and make exceptions for overeating or indulging in sweets and drinks.

You don’t have to avoid holiday celebrations to have success. Every challenge is surmountable, and you can keep your momentum and gain confidence in knowing that you are fully capable of losing weight even when you’ve struggled in the past. 

5 Ways to Survive Labor Day and Still Lose Weight

Decide What You Want

It’s essential to go into any celebration with a clear decision about what you want most. Then, when you encounter an impulse or a temptation, you can take a deep breath and remind yourself that you want your health and weight loss goals the most. 

Visualize Your Choices

Take time before you arrive to visualize the choices you may need to make. Uncle Bob probably grills the same meats every year, and the picnic wouldn’t be the same without Aunt Betty’s bake mac-n-cheese and chocolate cake. Usually, holiday gatherings are predictable. So, take time before you go to see yourself making the choices that fit within your eating plan.

Count to Five

Once you’re at the gathering, count to five before you reach for any food or beverages.  That slight pause will allow space for mindfulness and create just enough distance between yourself and the temptation. The 5-second count is something that is a good practice for any situation.

Go for the People

You don’t have to eat or drink at your Labor Day party to have a good time. People are the best part of the event. (And if you don’t think they are, then maybe this isn’t the best party to attend.) You can eat before you go to the gathering or when you get home. While you’re there, smile a lot and enjoy some great conversations. In the grand scheme of life, the holidays aren’t about food and drink.

Remember the Fat Burn Benefits

If you’re using the HCG diet for weight loss, remind yourself of how great you feel now that your body is using its own fat for fuel. Do you really want to sacrifice these five incredible fat burn benefits, even for a moment?

-  You love how much energy fat burn is giving you.

-  You don’t feel ravenously hungry.

-  You like how your body is starting to look.

-  You feel awesome in smaller clothing sizes.

-  You are losing inches without compromising your muscle tone.

How You Can Get the Benefits of Fat Burn

If you’re reading those benefits and wondering if you can take advantage of all those perks of the HGC weight loss plan, you can!

When you combine 100% pure, physician-prescribed HCG with a specific, low-calorie eating plan, your body will burn fat, and your body will use your stored energy (fat) for fuel.

If you have more questions, we’re here to help. You can begin building your medical profile now and let us know you’re interested in the benefits of HCG. 

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