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Give Your Beauty Supplies a Spring Cleaning

Give Your Beauty Supplies a Spring Cleaning

The earliest signs of spring generally send motivated people into an urge to purge. Clearing out the old and making room for the new isn’t just for clothes closets, garages, sheds, or attics. Your beauty routine may need to undergo some spring cleaning if you want to keep your hair and skin looking amazing.

Establish Your Priorities

When it comes to cleaning out your beauty routine, you have several things to consider. Start with your priorities. For some, the thought of impending swimsuit weather means an increased focus on overall beauty and weight presentation. If you are worried about aging lines or the appearance of cellulite, assessing your anti-aging routine may be the first thing you need to change. If you are worried about your hair color and style, take the time to address your concerns with your hairdresser. If you are struggling with acne, evaluating your diet and talking to a dermatologist might need to be where you start. For each area of beauty and wellness, determine what is most important and start your plan there.

Assess What You Have

As you begin to clean out your beauty supplies, you need to pull everything out of hiding. Clean out what you find in the vanity, under the bathroom sink, in your travel bags, the bottom of your purse, the shower caddy, and any random drawers where you have stashed products. Separate the items into different categories, then subdivide those groupings according to product type. By laying them on a fresh background, such as a white sheet or towel, you can more clearly see what colors or textures your makeup or skincare products have. Once you have gone through the tedious task of categorizing and sorting, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of cleanup. Rack your brain for the last time you used the product, and throw anything you have touched in the last two years into a bag. Don’t start worrying about the money or your great plans to make a change. Weed out the unused right away.

After you have whittled down the pile, take a look at the quality of your leftovers. If you can sense a change in smell, color, or textures, then you know that it is time for the item to go. When the color separates from the nail polish, it is another clear indicator of age. Like food products, many skin-care items have expiration dates, so look carefully and note what the recommended date of usage is. Makeup or skincare products that have expired can present a hygiene concern, but they also tend to be less effective. This could mean you use more to help your skin or achieve a certain result, or it may not apply evenly because it is dry, crumbly, or separated. Also, look through the leftovers for multiples. A thorough pare-down would mean keeping only one product in each shade, definitely choosing the item that you use the most. Put these “first choices” in a box that you leave somewhere outside the bathroom. Through the next two weeks, take only what you need out of the box each day and leave it in the bathroom when you are finished. Anything left in the box at the end of the two weeks could probably be taken out of circulation.

Organize Your Favorites

After you have streamlined the products that you use the most, you need to organize them. Keep your categories separate, and design a storage area for each group. Common groups are hair-care, skin-care, and makeup items. One tip is to use clear makeup containers or stackable drawers that fit neatly under the sink or on the vanity. Doing your storage this way helps you easily see what products you have and keeps your categories organized. You should keep your subcategories as well, such as a drawer for eye products, lips, foundations, and so on. Some prefer to use train cases with pull-out trays, as these can also be conveniently stored under a vanity or on a shelf in the closet. To help preserve the quality of your products, store items containing active ingredients away from sunlight. Cool, dry, and dark places like a drawer or closet are best for products containing retinol or vitamin C. However, since moist, dark environment encourages the growth of bacteria, you should consider changing out your mascara every three months.

Start a New Routine

Don’t just throw away your unused or abandoned pile of products. Find out what can be donated (usually unopen items), and then consider recycling the packaging for other items. This purge gives you a fresh, clean start with your beauty routine, so don’t clutter your counter or cabinet back up with more purchases. Don’t wait until next spring to give your bathroom collection another shakedown, either.


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