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Budget Vacations for Seniors in the School of Life

Budget Vacations for Seniors in the School of Life

Too many people frown at the idea of getting older, mistakenly thinking that their lifestyle will be nothing more than a dull existence in a retirement home or a burden to family caregivers. One of the benefits of aging is reaching retirement.  You may be called a senior citizen, but you don’t have to look, act, or feel like one. When you get to this point in life, you are gifted with having lots of time on your hands. You aren’t constrained by work schedules or timelines, being free to pursue a life of adventure and relaxation. Embrace the idea of becoming a senior because of the possibilities it holds. Here are some vacation hot spots you can try out with all that extra time.

Charleston, South Carolina

The Southern charm in sunny and gentle Charleston has helped this city earn a place at the top of Southern Living magazine’s best of the best for three years. Some of the noted attractions include the Gibbes Museum of Art and Fort Sumter National Monument, both of which offer discount senior tickets. For the budget-conscious, a stroll along the waterfront is absolutely free. To experience the beauty of the town without being crushed by the sweltering heat and expensive tourist rates on lodgings, head to Charleston in the early spring or late fall.

Branson, Missouri

From The New York Times to Forbes, a vacation deep into the Ozark Mountains gets a lot of positive attention. Country music fans can take in shows and concerts, or for a more relaxed pace, cruise around the several lakes and get in some fishing. The real draw is the annual Elvis festival held each April, though you might be doing a little disservice to your anti-aging routine when you proudly sing along to all the lyrics.  A trip to Branson could be a splurge unless you stay at local resorts and hotels offering a senior discount. You can also find coupons and discounts with a Branson Premium Coupon Package.

The Maritimes, Canada

If you are feeling more adventurous, try heading up to our neighbors in the North. The U.S. dollar is still stronger than the Canadian loonie, and taking a trip through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island will give you an experience that is priceless. You can catch a ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine (a gorgeous port worthy of exploration on its own) to the pier in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. If you have a flexible traveling schedule, you can catch super-low senior fares during the off-season. Not a fan of traveling by boat? You can always drive up into New Brunswick. You will need a passport to travel into Canada, but once there, you can do some whale watching, meander through historic hotels, and take in some gorgeous views. Though French is commonly spoken in Quebec, most Canadians speak English, making it much easier for you to navigate. However, in Canada, they drive on the left side of the road.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Seniors that enjoy history will not want to pass up a trip to Plymouth, MA, and the surrounding cities. It is best to go during the spring when crowds are down and the winter weather has subsided. Pilgrim Hall Museum is the older museum in the country, and it proudly displays artifacts from the earliest days of our nation’s beginnings. There is a piece of Plymouth Rock that visitors can touch, and there are artifacts that came over with the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Love seafood? You won’t go wrong with lobster and seafood dining in nearby Cape Cod. In addition to whale watching or harbor cruises, you can drive down into Boston where the Freedom Trail is budget-friendly but historically immersive tourism experience. Staying outside of the city will present more budget-conscious lodging options.  

Mazatlan, Mexico

If your travel budget can afford a bit more than national travel, consider heading down into Mexico for the sunny weather of Mazatlan. Though the airfare may seem a bit much, you can make up for the costs with all-inclusive resort packages designed for those on a budget. Some of the higher-rated hotels offer packages starting at $160 a night during the off-seasons of spring and fall, which are April and May or October and November. There are plenty of beautiful warm beaches, lots of historic attractions, and moderate activities like hiking or water sports.


Don’t let your age fool you into pushing away thoughts of adventure or travel. Retirement is the perfect time to see new places and experience new things. Think of it as a senior trip for a new age.


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