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Boosting a Bodybuilder's Natural Muscle Development

Boosting a Bodybuilder's Natural Muscle Development

In a world where hobbies have become a way to escape the mundane of work or pandemic scares, every little bit of encouragement or support you can find may be the difference between giving up or pressing on. For the past few months, the world has been in a state of confusion and lockdown, as governments and healthcare professionals encourage social distancing and the shelter-in-place to avoid spreading COVID-19, a virus that has killed hundreds of thousands in a matter of months. Anyone with an interest in bodybuilding and weight loss that relied on a gym for their routines and support found themselves without their equipment or trainer, as fitness centers and gyms were mandated to be shut down. For these individuals, finding resources that can help their fitness and physique goals while at home are important. Sermorelin can be one of these resources.

Using Peptide Therapies

The medical community has relied on peptide therapies for years to improve the quality of life for various patients and conditions. As an example, insulin (though found naturally in the body) is a peptide hormone that has been synthesized for use in diabetics. Insulin is a main anabolic hormone in the body regulating the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates through glucose absorption. The Human Growth Hormone is also found naturally in the body, and it helps regulate body fat, develop and maintain muscle mass, increase energy levels, and promote healthy functioning in the different organs of the body. The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of these growth hormones, and production levels are higher in children and adolescents. Younger bodies need to mature and develop, and growth hormones help this happen. However, when the body gets older (on up into the late twenties and beyond), the production of HGH starts to decline. This results in a reduced ability to burn fat, a slower metabolism, muscle mass loss, slower healing times for injuries, and degenerative conditions often associated with aging. Fortunately, research has found ways to inject peptides into the body to encourage elevated HGH production and restore and enhance the natural growth hormone functions.

Considering Sermorelin Therapy

The FDA originally approved Sermorelin, or GRF 1-29 NH 2, to help treat children who have growth challenges because of a medical condition. A few years later, the compound was also approved for use with different adult conditions. Knowing the benefits of Sermorelin, many who want to improve their muscle mass and overall physical often wonder should Sermorelin be used for body building? In order to answer this question, you need to know what Sermorelin does for the body. The abbreviated name means that it is an amino acid chain working as a growth hormone-releasing factor. Rather than being a dose of HGH, as is the case with some anti-aging therapies, this compound encourages the pituitary gland to secrete larger amounts of HGH. Because the overall effect is just to stimulate the function of the pituitary gland, there is increased safety with consistent use and a reduced possibility of negative side effects. It also tends to be a more cost-effective alternative to an HGH therapy. Though the therapy doesn’t give you a direct treatment of HGH, the increased production from the pituitary gland provides similar benefits to the HGH treatments. These include:

  • Increased development of muscle mass but with less fat. Muscles have the appearance of being more toned and lean, since the fat cells have melted from them.
  • Enhanced recovery times when muscular or tendon injuries occur due to a workout or sprain. The aging process takes a toll on recovery times, increasing how long it takes to return to normal functioning.
  • Improved stamina and increased energy levels. An increase in vitality makes it easier to pursue your favorite activities for longer periods of time and with more energy. This extra energy helps accomplish more things.
  • Decreased fat deposits. Sermorelin addresses fat build-up around the belly, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Increased metabolism helps aid in fat burning, but this compound also targets stubborn fat deposits that have built up over time. A boosted metabolism promotes weight loss, and when combined with the increase in muscle toning, the overall physique of the body changes.
  • Increased bone density and strength. Aging weakens the bones through lost mineral density. Lighter bones are more fragile and prone to breaking. Strenuous workouts could increase the risk of damage in these areas, and Sermorelin can be useful in a protective capacity.
  • Improved sleep quality. The pituitary gland produces the bulk of the body’s HGH needs during sleep, and poor sleeping patterns and habits can contribute to low production of HGH. Sermorelin produces much deeper, longer sleep patterns that encourage a healthier production of HGH. Improved quality of sleep contributes to a more rested, energized body to take on bodybuilding activities as well as giving the body’s muscles, tissues, and tendons a better recovery period.

The Negative Alternatives

Since many aren’t aware of how Sermorelin can have a positive effect on their bodybuilding efforts, there is often a move toward alternatives such as sports supplements and the illegal use of substances to improve their physique or physical abilities. The market for sports supplements that enhance muscle growth (when combined with exercise) has exploded, though many of the supplements can be damaging to the body. Tragically, there are some bodybuilding and weight loss enthusiasts that have lost their lives to the use of illegal supplements, poor nutrition, and overexertion. It is important to consider what product is used, where it comes from, if it is regulated, and the intended use before deciding a certain routine or supplement may be right for you. Sermorelin promotes a natural body reaction, which significantly reduces the potential for adverse side effects. The most common side effects are pain at the injection site, redness or swelling around the injection site, dizziness, or feeling flushed.

Individuals may also turn to a high consumption of protein in order to build their muscle mass more quickly. This has become a popular option for those looking for a more quickly-delivered result, leading to shakes, supplement capsules, and bars for legal purchase. Protein is an important part of your diet, as it contains the amino acid chains that help boost physical performance, enhance metabolism, fight against aging concerns, and promote muscle growth. Bodybuilders may use these powders or capsules at mealtime or between meals as a high-protein snack. However, there is danger in relying on a consistent protein supplement if the body doesn’t need it. While bodybuilders do use up more energy during their workouts and rely on enhanced muscle development, excess protein can get stored as fat and put a strain on the kidneys. Rather than putting your body through a roller coaster of supplement processing, Sermorelin can deliver a more consistent and naturally-based result.

A Choice for Everyone

Even if you aren’t a bodybuilder, Sermorelin may be a way for you to get back some of the energy and physique that the aging journey has taken from you. Since HGH levels start to decline by the age of 30, there isn’t a limit as to who Sermorelin can help. Whether it’s helping develop muscle and bone strength, increasing your metabolism, or giving your libido a boost, Sermorelin can give your body a chance to look and feel young again.

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