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7 Positive Side Effects of Aging

7 Positive Side Effects of Aging

Although the passing of time tends to lead to depressing concerns of reduced functioning, slower reflexes, loss of hair, and being called old, there are many things in life that are known to improve when they are allowed age. Consider a vintage bottle of wine, fancy cheeses, your favorite pair of blue jeans, that antique furniture in your attic, and the bottle of whiskey stashed in the cabinet. Things that seem to better over time are simply a matter of perspective. For instance, your blue jeans continue to fade and the style might be long out of fashion, but the comfort and familiarity you feel are with more than the negatives that exist. When your birthday cake starts to accumulate candles, how you feel about getting older is all a matter of perspective. Sure, there may be some aches and pains and you may need to start on an anti- aging protocol to help ward off some of the symptoms, but there are positives that you can embrace as you turn the corner on another year. Here are seven things that you can look forward to enjoying as you age.

1. Increased Happiness and General Well-being

The first years out of college and on through the 20s and 30s are generally a stressful period and full of instability. The pressure of landing the right job and working on financial security is tough, just as are the decisions about starting a family and where to live. As you settle down in your job or your family has been established and kids are going off to college, you may enjoy more peace of mind and feel less stress. After a while, you will be able to finally enjoy the life that you have worked so hard to build.

2. Memory

Before you think this is a crazy benefit, apart from diseases that affect cognitive functions (like dementia or Alzheimer’s), some memories are known to improve with age. Your semantic memory or your ability to recall facts and figures is often resistant to aging. You will also have a greater bank of experiences that are creating more memories. Many older people will write things down to help organize their life and improve their memory.

3. Decision-making

As you age, your decision-making tends to be more reliable and realistic, as you are emotionally more stable and resist impulsive behaviors. The years of wisdom that you have accumulated help you understand the seriousness of your decision, and you evaluate what is at stake in light of what you have already accomplished or experienced.

4. Less Stress

The stressors of life, such as providing for the family, pursuing a promotion, or paying for college, are often reduced once your children leave the home or you decide to retire. While the younger generation tends to be proactive in chasing their dreams and creating a life of excitement and adventure, this can come at a cost. Once you are older, you will have either achieved these dreams or you will have adapted your approach to be more conducive to a less- stressful lifestyle.

5. Increased Empathy

The younger generation is usually too wrapped up on their plans and priorities to truly understand and appreciate their fellow man. According to a study on aging, the bulk of late middle-aged adults experience and demonstrate more empathy when combined with all other age groups. This can increase your personal sense of fulfillment and emotional security.

6. Storytelling Abilities

The mental image of a grandparent in a rocking chair and passing the time with old memories is about as stereotypical of old age as it can get. However, everyone loves a good story, and the most interesting ones are the tales about the past. You won’t need to feel the pain of being alone when you have family members begging you for another story about your childhood or how life used to be.

7. Improved Health

Out of all the benefits, this might be the one most often overlooked. People associate breakdown with old age, but usually, those who want to ward off the effects will start to eat and live healthier. With protocols like HGH therapy that work with peptides to promote your body firing on all cylinders, increased exercise, and a more organic diet, your overall quality of life could be better than what you had been previously experiencing.
In addition to these seven areas of amazing aging side-effects, you will have self-confidence and personal satisfaction level that improves your mental well-being and puts a smile on your face. As you reflect on how far you have come, you become an inspiration to younger generations. You can share wisdom and wit with those around you, and make the world a better place simply by being you.

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Dr. Constance Odom, MD

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