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Your Weight Might Be A Severe COVID-19 Risk Factor

Your Weight Might Be A Severe COVID-19 Risk Factor

COVID-19 is a serious disease that proves to be fatal in many patients. While we are still learning much about this deadly virus, we now know that the virus is far worse for patients who have certain comorbidities. One of these is obesity. Obesity is a progressive disease that can make many other diseases more likely, and it can make COVID much worse in those who get it.

However, the studies have also found that you don't have to be obese for the disease to strike you particularly hard- you can simply be overweight. Any weight outside of the healthy spectrum means that COVID is more likely to have a severe case of the virus. It doesn't make you more likely to catch the virus, but it can cause the virus to be more severe.

Americans and Overweight

The fact that the virus can strike harder at those who are overweight is a serious problem in America. In the U.S., about 40% of adults are obese, and another 32% of adults are overweight but not enough to be obese. This is among the world's highest rates for both overweight and obesity. This makes almost 3/4 of all adults in the U.S. more susceptible to a severe case of the disease. 

The terms overweight and obese are assigned according to clear guidelines of the body mass index scale. This number is a ratio of a patient's height and weight. Once this number is recorded, you can place it along the scale to see where your weight falls. If a person has a BMI of anywhere from 18.5 to 24.9, they are in a healthy weight range. If a person's BMI is measured as 25 to 29, they are in the overweight zone. When a person's BMI is 30 or more, they are obese. If a person has a BMI of 25 or more, they have an increased risk of severe COVID.

There have been 75 studies published recently that show obese people are 200% as likely to need a hospital stay when they get COVID. They are also more than twice as likely to have to stay in the intensive care unit because of COVID. These numbers are when compared to patients who have the disease and are either a healthy weight or overweight. Being overweight does raise this risk as well, but studies have not yet shown by how much. 

The Problem With Fat

Because so many overweight and obese patients develop other diseases as a result of their weight, it was difficult to tell at first just what was causing the increased severity of COVID. Was it the weight itself, or was it the diseases that it caused? Now that many studies have been done, it is now known that it is the fat itself that causes more severe COVID- not the diseases that come with it. 

The fat stored by the body is called adipose tissue. This tissue is biologically active, so it causes abnormalities and metabolic changes throughout the body. Having excess adipose tissue creates a chronic state of inflammation in a patient's body, even if they have no infection.

Having the kind of abdominal fat storage that is most common with men can also cause some of the organs to be compressed. It compresses the chest cavity, the lungs and the diaphragm, and this restricts the patient's breathing. This can make it harder to get rid of respiratory infections such as pneumonia. This can make a COVID infection harder on the lungs and not as easy to get rid of.

Making Healthier Choices

To reduce this risk of developing the more severe effects of this disease, it's important to drop weight until you are in the healthy zone of weight. There are numerous ways to do this, but a few of them are the best ways to tackle the problem. There are three main parts to developing healthier habits that will help you to drop weight. The first is to choose healthier foods every day. You might start out with one healthy meal per day and up that until all of your meals are healthier. 

The second part is to modify your lifestyle so that you are exercising regularly. This may be simply walking briskly a few times a week, or it may be workouts nearly every day. Getting some physical exercise will raise your metabolism and make it easier for your body to burn excess fat. It takes time to get into the habit of exercise, but it relieves many different conditions, gives you more energy and raises your mood as well as helping you to lose weight. It even strengthens your immune system. 

The third part is to get enough sleep every night. If you are barely getting enough sleep, it is much harder to lose weight. As you make better choices with your food and activities level, make better choices about when to go to bed so that you are getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.

Supplementing Your Weight Loss

If you engage in these three activities, you can get yourself to a healthy weight. However, it's always helpful to have a helping hand when it comes to weight loss. That's why so many people use sermorelin to help them drop more pounds. For many people, not having enough human growth hormone, or HGH, is a factor in why they put on weight. Getting sermorelin therapy can help with the body's hormone levels so that they feel many benefits. 

Instead of being the HGH, sermorelin stimulates the body to secrete this hormone again. This has a number of benefits for both the body and the mind. HGH is needed for positive well-being and good health. As we get older, our pituitary gland reduces the amount of HGH that it is able to produce. This is because the natural chemicals in your body that stimulate the creation of this hormone to diminish over time. Sermorelin is one of these chemicals and is available with a prescription. 

Sermorelin Benefits

The main benefit of sermorelin is that it stimulates the creation of the much-needed hormone HGH. Having more of that in the body causes a number of benefits. In fact, for those who don't have enough growth hormone as adults, this medication is a treatment that treats the condition and reverses it.

Studies have proven that it does raise a person's HGH production, and the sermorelin benefits come with improvements to your metabolism, which allows for faster weight loss. It also helps to boost the immune system, which can make it less likely to come down with COVID. It also helps the body to repair and replace its dying cells. 

Sermorelin benefits can also include: better sleep patterns, an increased libido, better stamina and energy, more strength, better bone health, better performance in exercise, reduced pain in the joints, thicker and healthier nails, tighter skin, a reduction of fat, more lean muscle, better body composition and lower LDL cholesterol. And in men, it also increases the patient's testosterone levels, giving him even more strength, lean muscle and vitality.

Getting to a healthier weight is an important part of self-care during this time of COVID-19. It is more important than ever to use lifestyle adjustments and medication to get the extra weight off and keep it off. 

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