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Weight Loss Myths That Could Derail Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Weight Loss Myths That Could Derail Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

With the new year in full swing, you may have made a stout resolution to lose weight and live a more active lifestyle. While this is a common goal for many, some find keeping their promise proves to be more difficult than they first thought. The new year’s fitness failure may be due to a variety of causes, but several myths about weight loss and exercise could be to blame. We at Nu Image Medical want to help you stay on track with your goals by separating these myths from reality.

Fruit Juice Is a Healthy Option 

Fruit juices, such as orange and apple varieties, have long been advertised as healthy, wholesome, and a much-needed component of a balanced meal. However, a new study reveals that these juices may be as detrimental to your weight loss goals as soda. Even organic selections are full of sugar, and processed fruit drinks often have added sugars that jack up the total content. These sugars, which are often hidden from consumers in advertising, can contribute to weight gain and the development of type 2 diabetes.

\Replacing fruit drinks and diet soda with water can keep you hydrated and assist with weight loss by helping your body flush away excess fat cells and sugar. It can also assist you in avoiding empty calories and high fructose corn syrup, which can cause blood sugar spikes. Using lime or cucumber slices can add flavor to tap or spring water and help you avoid flavor additives that may contain artificial sugar.

You Must Give Up Bread and Pasta 

How many times have you tried to give up your favorite bread or pasta in January, only to crumble and start eating it again in February? Giving up any favorite food cold turkey is not easy, but you may be happy to know that you do not need to cross these off your list if you want to lose weight. In fact, all that is necessary is to make a few changes in the types you purchase.

If you want to continue eating bread as a part of your weight loss plan, consider switching to whole-grain varieties instead of white bread. Not only do whole-grain breads and pastas contain natural nutrients that your body needs, but they may also help you feel less hungry between meals because they are generally filling. Whole-grain foods are available at most supermarkets and organic food stores.

Avoid Dairy Products 

When you are working toward a weight loss goal and doing your best to avoid empty calories and fat, there are certain dairy products you may want to cut back on, such as ice cream. However, cutting dairy out of your diet completely may actually sabotage your goals, as some dairy provides your body with the necessary protein for building muscle and giving your body daily energy for your workouts. Many products also contain vitamin D, which is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium. Consider adding cheese and low-fat milk to one or two meals a day, and watch for added sugars in yogurt that contains fruit or other flavorings.

You Can No Longer Eat Out 

This myth is one that causes many people to fall off their new year’s diet and fitness goals because between work, friends, and family, there is usually a gathering to attend. Celebrations that take place at restaurants are usually a prime location for temptation, with fatty or sweet foods abundant on the menu. You may feel like falling off your diet is inevitable, but there are ways to enjoy these celebrations and keep your weight goals at the forefront.

When friends or family plan to gather at a local restaurant, take a few moments to look up the menu online and browse it for healthy options. Many locales star these options or list them under heart-healthy or low-calorie sections on the menu. Knowing what you can order ahead of time may help you avoid the temptation of fried foods.

Diet Supplements Are Useless 

Thanks to fad diets touted around by talk show hosts and endorsed celebrities, you may be wary of supplements designed to support weight loss. While some may not be helpful or require a great deal of money and time before you see any results, those that are backed by research and facts may be a helpful addition to your diet plan.

The HCG diet from Nu Image Medical is a plan that uses hormone supplements to help you burn fat and promote muscle health. The supplement, along with the recommended dietary guidelines, could help you succeed in your weight loss goals where other plans have failed.


Making a new year’s pledge to lose weight can be a daunting one. However, we can help you separate myth from reality and keep you on the path to success.


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