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The Power of Your Mind Over Your Middle

The Power of Your Mind Over Your Middle

Losing weight is an empowering journey, but before you are able to experience the joys that come with the physical transformation you receive, you need to first undertake a mental transformation. If you are wanting to lose weight, chances are you haven’t followed good eating habits or activity routine for a while. In order to get to the weight you want, you need a lifestyle change. This can only happen is you are willing to change your thought processes and psych yourself up for the road ahead. If you are committed to your weight loss plan, then you should reframe your perspective when considering a potential weigh or size goal. Having a mental checklist to follow can help prepare you for dieting success.

1. Clearly Define Your Weight Goals

Losing weight can be motivated by many things, but the real reason for why you want to lose can be the biggest difference in experiencing temporary or long-term success. Your reasons will help you determine the best approach and produce the results that you may need to see or feel in order to stay motivated. You might be trying to lower your risk of diabetes or work to reduce high blood pressure. You may feel embarrassed or unhappy with the weight you look or you want to get rid of the feelings of tiredness or lethargy that accompany carrying around extra weight. If you get motivated according to the reward you are going to gain from the experience, it is easier to stay on track with your commitment.

2. Use a Professional

It can be hard to start out on a journey to a healthier you all by yourself, so one way to get yourself motivate is through the help of a professional. While you could hire a dietician to work with you on your meal plan, you could also jump-start your plan through a highly- recommended dieting protocol. The HCG diet helps your body burn through stored fat and improve your body’s adaption to the dieting plan. With the assistance of a dieting protocol, you can experience results more quickly than you may have anticipated. This can give you the motivation you need to keep following your diet or working on improving your activity habits.

3. Write Down Your Meal Plan

It is much easier to follow your meal plan when you have it written down. By creating your meal plan at the beginning of the week, you can plan your shopping or eating routine around what your goals for the week will be. Rather than sitting around and debating what snack you should eat or what, having a list that you can check takes out the stress or confusion about making the right decision. A list will also help keep you from giving in to the temptation of sweets around you or taking a cheat day. You should even plan what restaurants you can eat at and what you can order from the menu. This still allows you to go out with your friends and enjoy life but without compromising your overall goals.

4. Use a Personal Trainer

A long-term plan for a healthy weight is going to need attention to both diet and exercise. If it is hard for you to stay motivated on your own, hiring a personal trainer can bring the extra push you need. They do more than plan an effective exercise routine. They also work to develop your


eating plan and hold you accountable for your actions throughout the week. You can stay on track by marking your workout appointments on the calendar and cross them out when they are completed. This way you are more likely to follow through. The more days you see crossed out, the better you will feel about how far you have come. It is also nice to receive the praise and encouragement from someone who knows your struggle yet has witnessed how hard you have worked for your success.

5. Establish a Realistic Timeline

The more realistic you will be about how much weight you want to lose, the easier it will be to remain focused on the goal and reach them. Remember, weight loss is a temporary pursuit. Your overall goal should be a healthy lifestyle and weight that you can control. Don’t get so focused on an immediate need for results that you establish unreasonable expectations. You won’t be able to safely lose drastic amounts of weight in a short time. Create a mindset that will look for measurable but reasonable results. Determine a timeline that you know is achievable, rather than pushing yourself too hard, failing, and getting discouraged. Consistency over time is the smartest way to get to the desired end.

Getting your mind ready for a dieting plan is just as important as planning your eating or exercise strategies. With a total body approach, psychological and physical efforts combine to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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