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The Most Pervasive Problems in Losing Weight

The Most Pervasive Problems in Losing Weight

Whether you're a little overweight and looking to drop a handful of pounds, or are looking to make a major transformation in your life, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that losing weight is hard and that's why so many attempted diets and workout plans don't work out in the end. The good news is that you don't have to go into your weight loss journey blind. When you know the most likely problems you will encounter, it's easier to get through them and keep progressing toward your ultimate goal. Being prepared for the possible pitfalls means you're best positioned to avoid them and hit your target weight.

Getting Stuck on Plateaus

When you see someone you know who has lost a lot of weight it's easy to think that it was a smooth process. If they lost 50 pounds in ten months, then they probably lost five pounds a month. This isn't reality, however. In actuality, any weight loss journey is going to have times where the pounds are falling off and times where you can't seem to make the numbers go lower no matter how diligent you are. Plateaus are inevitable, and what's important is to keep working hard even in those challenging times until you break on through and progress resumes.

Losing Muscle Mass

Many diet and exercise plans rely on the basic math of increasing calories burned while decreasing the calories consumed. Although this is an effective way to lose weight, it can have unintended consequences. When you're burning a lot of calories while not consuming as many, your body starts to burn fat, however, it will also consume some muscle mass as well. You can lessen this effect by choosing a low-calorie diet which still provides plenty of protein like the HCG diet.

Lacking Motivation

The most important part of any weight loss plan is staying motivated to keep on putting in the effort. This isn't always as easy to do as it is to say, however. When you're finding your motivation levels beginning to flag it can help to focus on the end goal you have in mind. Think about how much happier you'll be when you reach your target weight and use that goal as motivation to keep on pushing through the rough times when they arise.

Falling Off the Plan

When motivation falls off too much you can fall victim to the biggest risk of any weight loss plan -- breaking and abandoning the plan. Breaking occurs most often in plans which rely on extreme changes, such as total fasting or a drastic increase in the amount of physical activity you're participating in. That's why many experts recommend plans which use moderation to allow you to stay on course and keep progressing toward your target weight.

Making Inaccurate Calculations

Even the best-laid plans can go awry if you think you're following it when you really aren't. The most common issues of miscalculation come with determining how much exercise you've gotten, such as how long a walk was, and how much you are consuming by underestimating how many calories are in your meal. Careful measuring and weighing, along with some simple research online can help you to create much more accurate calorie estimates, while there are many handy fitness apps which can more-accurately monitor your workouts.

Consuming Insufficient Nutrition

There are a lot of trendy diets which rely on basic structures like an all-juice cleanse or daylight fasting. While these diets can have strong results in the short term, as drastically under-consuming will cause you to lose weight, they often lead to breaking, and if maintained can result in even more dangerous health concerns. You're better suited following a plan like the HCG diet which is designed by professionals to ensure you're still getting the nutrients you need while reducing your caloric intake so you can become a happier, healthier you.

Setting Unreasonable Goals

While it's great to have big goals for your health and fitness journey, it's more important that you set reasonable goals. If you expect results which are beyond reason you are more likely to get frustrated when you can't live up to them, even if you're doing great. You can't have a major transformation overnight, so keep that in mind as you work hard and progress toward your goal weight.

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