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The Good, The Better, The Best: The Dieting Option for You

The Good, The Better, The Best: The Dieting Option for You

For those who are looking into dieting options, there are many products on the market. Some offer fast results through a strict intake plan, while others take an approach that requires a special diet and regular exercise program. When it comes to weight loss programs, you don’t need to look at them as competing products. The body responds differently to medications, just as each body has different nutritional needs. The health and abilities of individuals also impact which dieting option will be the most successful. It is important to remember that a weight loss program can’t be a one-size-fits-all method.

Decide Before You Diet

Before we talk about two great dieting plans, there are several things you should understand about starting a diet. Knowing these things can help keep you from failing on your diet. First of all, unless you have a goal in mind and a solid plan for getting there, dieting can be devastating to your mental health. There are temptations to obsess over pounds to be lost or binging when you emotionally feel discouraged. Extreme dieting can also bring feelings of guilt or anxiety, especially if you have set unrealistic expectations for your health. Emotional influences can swing to your obsession or giving up.

Secondly, you need to establish why you are dieting. If you are trying to simply get healthy, you may not need an aggressive dieting plan. If your weight category is obese, you may want to pursue a program that helps shed weight faster. Having a target weight in mind is a good start, but too many people want to imagine what their body will look like as a motivation. Either way, you need to be happy with the results. Focusing on your looks could be motivating, but you will need to work hard if you are going to tone up excess skin that may come from losing a lot of weight. This influences whether or not you choose a dieting plan that requires an exercise program along with it. Lastly, remember that a diet is more than just a few weeks of changes. Continued success requires permanent lifestyle adjustments.

The Diet That Works for You

If you are tired of the dieting roller coaster, don’t despair and give up hope. There are two dieting options that you should consider, though one has clear advantages over the other. These are the HCG diet and the WAYT-less program. Here’s your breakdown of these two plans. Afterward, we will look at which choice will be best for you and how to buy low dose naltrexone online.

The HCG Plan

Under this dieting plan, individuals that want to lose weight boost their body’s ability to burn through excess fat stores by increasing the amount of HCG in the body. This plan was developed by Dr. Simeons back in the 1950s, and it relies on the HCG hormone to naturally curb the appetite, reset the body’s metabolism, and burn fat. However, this plan is dependent upon an individual receiving pure HCG drops and following a strict 500 calorie a day diet. If the HCG product is inferior or low quality or if the individual doesn’t adhere to the dieting guidelines, the plan isn’t effective.

The Dieting Support

For many of the people that follow the HCG plan, the dosing schedule lasts anywhere from two weeks to near two months. The hormone has to be administered every day in order for the body to regulate and assimilate the hormone consistently. Quality HCG can only be prescribed by a licensed physician, and users are carefully monitored over the course of their plan to ensure the body doesn’t react negatively to the diet. There have been symptoms of irritability, fatigue, fluid buildup, restlessness, and depression in users, and some have had concerns with an increased risk of blood clots forming.

The Dieting Menu

Following the 500 calorie day requirements isn’t something that you are able to control without the support of the HCG supplement. However, the dieting plan is rigorous and specific, often making it challenging for individuals to follow. The list of approved foods is rather short when compared to what can’t be consumed, and in addition to these restrictions, dieters also have limits as to what foods can be eaten at which meals. Fruit consumption is limited, usually including apples, strawberries, red grapefruit, and limited oranges. Nonstarchy vegetables include cucumbers, celery, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Lean meats like chicken, shrimp, white fish, lobster, and lean ground beef are allowed, but in very small portions. The list of no-no’s includes nuts, anything made with oil, potatoes or other starchy vegetables, and anything that contains sugar in any form. Such a drastic calorie reduction is effective for weight loss, but many fear malnutrition, poor nutrition, or depleted energy stores on the plan. For this reason, alternatives like WAYT-less are preferred.

The WAYT-less Program

An exciting new alternative to starving yourself and denying yourself delicious foods, the WAYT-less plan is a custom compound that creates conditions that are supportive of strong weight loss. It contains three medications: Acarbose, Orlistat, and Naltrexone.  Both Acarbose and orlistat decrease the body’s digestive abilities with lipids and carbohydrates. The way these two medications also work together is influential in reducing post-meal glucose spikes, lowering insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. Combining acarbose and naltrexone leads to appetite and craving suppression, resulting in lower food intake. This, along with dietary and exercise adaptions, will lead to weight loss. With the three combined elements, users gain the benefits of appetite suppression and fats and carb digestive. All of this without restricted diets.

The Dieting Support

As seen, the work of the three medications is the base of support for dieters on the WAYT-less plan. The combination benefits of regulating blood sugars, decreasing fat digestion, and more quickly eliminating lipids and fats through waste leads to more weight loss. However, this plan also requires that you adjust your diet and include an exercise routine that burns calories. Additionally, this compound helps reduce the emotional/mental aspect of overeating. It interferes with the sense of pleasure and reward that is associated with eating.

The Dieting Menu

Every diet requires a change in your eating habits if it is going to be successful. Though not as limiting as the HCG plan, the WAYT-less plan encourages users to follow an 800 calorie a day diet. If you are thinking that this would drop your energy levels, think again. Orlistat and naltrexone both boost energy levels, which improving the digestion of key nutrients. Since the absorption of fats, carbs, and sugars is blocked, what you eat is fully used by the body. Your body doesn’t get dangerously low on calories, your cravings are suppressed, and you have the energy to exercise on the WAYT-less plan. These are key differences between this program and the HCG diet.

Though many have found success using HCG, the WAYT-program provided by Nu Image is a safe alternative that has no nutritional deficiencies, uses FDA approved ingredients, and is orally delivered. You will still enjoy rapid weight loss support and the loss of excess body fat. You will feel a lot better on the WAYT-less plan, which will help you stay engaged with the diet and consistent with your exercise routine.

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