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The Best Gym Shoes for Exercising

The Best Gym Shoes for Exercising

If your goal over the past few months has been to get beach body ready, you are just about out of time. The heat of summer is upon us as June is only a few days away. With many gyms still shut down due to compliance with COVID-19 social distancing regulations, you may be DIY’ing your weight loss plan. Summer may be a few days away, but with the right attitude, sweat equity, and the help of a dieting protocol like the HCG diet, you still have time to debut the newer, slimmer you at the family’s July 4th barbeque.

The Need for Speed

You might be in a hurry to lose weight, but it is going to take time and hard work. You will also need the right tools to face to demands of your exercise routines. Gym shoes or workout shoes should provide support and grip to improve your level of safety. Ankle or knee injuries are common when there is a lack of support during weighted squat routines or jogs around the block. The best shoes will create a stable surface through which you can really push for maximum power. Here are some of the most recommended workout shoes for 2020, whether you are just going for a brisk walk or you are headed into a CrossFit session.

Nike Free X Metcon 2

This shoe is the best choice for the person who intends on laying it all on the line at the gym. Key features include incredible support for the ankle during explosive training, plenty of good grip, and the material is really breathable. Any workout trainer would be appreciative of the stable platform and good connection with the ground that shoe provides. The Metcon line is also designed for diversity, so you can go through a range of activities without needing to change your shoes. There is mesh around the upper portion of the shoe which supports greater airflow around the foot. The one negative is that the shoe scores very low on being fashion-forward, but at least you haven’t traded function over form.

Under Armour Tribase Reign 2

With this shoe, Under Armour took everything their consumers said about the first Reign shoe release and made a second line that is so much better. This is a workout shoe the has a lot of traction, durability, and comfort. It is truly a gym classic. The shoe is named after the triangle base, which boasts a larger external heel counter to increase the level of support at the rear of the shoe. There is a sawtooth pattern on the outsole that gives your traction when jumping on hard floors during HIIT workouts or lifting heavy weights. The shoes also have a low-ground construction to increase the control over toe movements and enforce stability throughout the body. It isn’t going to be the best shoe for long treadmill or running sessions since the sole has less cushion and is relatively flat. However, the Micro G foam midsole is supportive enough for taking the weight off when jumping.

Nike Varsity Compete

This shoe receives high marks as being perhaps the best all-around workout shoe on the market. The exterior sole is lined with rubber stud patterns that put a vice grip coverage on soft surfaces like a typical gym floor. The grip makes it easier to set your feet for weighty squat routines, and the flat sole becomes a stable platform through which you can push power through to the heels. It is an indoor-friendly shoe but it does hold up well with shorter bursts of running, explosive leaping, and sprint exercises given its cushioned sole. This is a shoe that has a middle-range price tag, making it an affordable choice for beginners who want the best bang for their buck.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave

As the name suggests, this shoe has been designed to support the numerous athletic movements packed into a CrossFit training session. Without a versatile shoe, the foot would suffer from blisters and bruising given the rigorous schedule of CrossFit sports. The Nano shoes have a molded midsole and sock line to provide ankle support through firm heel bootie construction. This can create better ankle stability during heavy lifting sessions. As CrossFit routines have many months of flipping tires, Reebok has added extra protection into the front of the shoe to prevent wearing down near the toe areas. There is a high abrasion rubber sole grip and forefoot flex grooves to increase your balance, provide flexibility, and extra grip.


You can find these shoes on the company websites or at a local sporting goods store. You will be more apt to stick with your summer body goals when you have the right tools and motivation in your life.


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