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Sneaky Tricks That Encourage Weight Loss

Sneaky Tricks That Encourage Weight Loss

A lot of people want a magic pill to help them shed pounds and reshape their waistline. The current system of eating less and exercise more just doesn’t seem that appealing when lives are already busy and there are food choices everywhere than can be accessed by the push of a button or through a drive-thru window. Following a diet can be tough, boring, and time-consuming, and for a generation accustomed to instant everything, the road to weight loss is paved with drop-outs. It’s not that people really don’t want to lose weight. Many times, they don’t know how or they don’t have the support they need. Sometimes the thought of an upcoming vacation or high school reunion can motivate people a little more successfully, but the overall success will probably be short-lived.

If you have been on a yo-yo diet and need some convincing that following a diet plan is a good idea, then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps your problem hasn’t been your motivation or even an understanding of counting calories and all those other tricks. Maybe you haven’t started with the right program and gotten the mental and physical boost you need to move forward. There are a lot of gimmicky diet plans on the market, and unless you did your research, you might have invested time and money into something that was never going to work for your body, your schedule, or even your finances. One benefit of choosing a dieting protocol like the HCG diet is the unique tailored eating plan, but also the supplemental injections that work with your body’s natural processes to promote increased weight loss and fat burning. Your plan should be what will work for you and not just trying something that a movie star claimed was the secret to dropping four pant sizes.

Less Obvious Paths to Success

If you still aren’t convinced that you can lose weight without pulling your hair and starving yourself for days on end, then these less obvious activities might help change your mind. These are not going to help you lose weight several pounds at a time, but the overall effect can be positive on your journey to a healthier you.

1. Chew a More

When you are eating, it can take almost 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full. The faster you eat, the greater the potential for overeating. Chewing more slowly and more often will help give your brain a chance to get the message that you are feeling full sooner.

2. Wear Skinny Jeans

Wearing jeans that you have slightly outgrown could be the motivation you need to stick to your diet plan and avoid the sweets or carbs. If you are having to loosen your button at the end of the day to relieve some of the belly bloat, you know you have gotten off track with your eating habits.

3. Portion Your Food

A simple tip but quite effective in decreasing the size of your dinner plates and therefore the portions that you are able to fit into them. Serve food higher in calories and fat on small salad plates, and reserve larger dinnerware for protein-rich foods and healthy vegetables. Larger plates encourage people to eat more. Use smaller plates and eat the protein or low-calorie foods first.

4. Drink Water

Drinking water brings amazing benefits to your skin health, but it can also help improve your dieting plans. Research shows that people who drink at least three extra glasses of water each day showed an increase in their ability to resist eating as much. On average, people consumed at least 205 fewer calories than those who consumed the basic four cups per day. The study also showed that people consumed less cholesterol, sodium, fat, and sugar.

5. Primp and Preen

Even if it sounds strange, staring at your reflection in the mirror can be a boost to your morale and ability to burn calories. If you put a mirror in your dining room, it can help alter your mindset about food and consuming extra calories. For some people, watching themselves eat can be unsettling and unappetizing. Although you should never willing to engage in activities that will create emotional stress or unease, the presence of a mirror could be an accountability decision with your eating habits.


Dieting and weight loss definitely take commitment and discipline, but you don’t have to feel like you are spending every moment of your life exercising or counting calories. There are some areas of your life where you can trim the fat, so to speak, without even realizing you are losing weight.


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