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Simple Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Diet

Simple Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Diet

If you have a type-A personality, the first signs of spring have you in a tizzy. Those who enjoy control and order deeply love their homes and often obsess about the cleanliness and state of organization. Longer days with extra daylight and the sight of a beautiful warm sin put people in the mood to clean their house. The spring season signals new beginnings, and some jump into the warm, wet months with both feet. For those that aren’t obsessing over how quickly they can wash the windows or air out the rugs, change comes little by little. At some point, you know your house will get a good cleaning makeover (since it obviously needs it) but you aren’t worried about the timeline. Two approaches, but with the same end goal.

Tackle Your Dieting Goals

When it comes to your health, most people have similar goals. They want to maintain a healthy weight, an active lifestyle and look good. The trouble with these generic goals is that they are often subjectively interpreted by the individual. There are also hundreds of different ways to achieve the goals. The winter months see a slight increase in weight numbers, as people live more sedentary lives due to weather situations. People also tend to emotionally eat more during the winter as well. For these reasons, the new year often starts with a resolution to get in shape and shed unwanted fat, but the resolutions don’t generally last past February. Springtime offers another chance to get your weight or shape under control, as the looming thoughts of beach-body readiness are generally highly motivating. Whether you choose to attack your goal head-on and get it done or you want to meander your way to a healthier you, the first step is setting a goal that you can rally behind.

Clean With a Focus

As people engage in the tedious task of spring cleaning, they don’t usually tackle each project or room all at once. There is a method to their madness, choosing to focus on something that is either the easiest to get done or the most important for their peace of mind. Cleaning out your diet needs the same approach. Trying to change everything all at once can be overwhelming, and it increases your risk for discouragement and failure. If you need somewhere to start and don’t have the confidence or know-how to shed some weight, trying a professionally-monitored weight loss program like the HCG diet can be a good place to start. With this protocol, your body’s natural ability to burn through excess fat is supported by medication, yet a strict diet plan helps you control your portions and teaches you about healthy food options. This can be a way to get you in the right direction for long-term weight management while keeping you encouraged as you see results.

Take Out the Clutter

Sometimes all your home needs is a little decluttering, removing trash or trinkets that do nothing but collect dust. You may be burning calories as you make your rounds dusting and cleaning, but wouldn’t you prefer to spend that exercise time outside walking through your local park? Your diet may need to be decluttered if you are going to see changes in your health. While many people worry about good vs. bad foods, your mindset should be good vs. better. Diet soda is a good option when compared to other soft drink choices, but a better choice would be to drink water. Counting calories is going to help you lose weight, but a better option is to choose the best foods filled whole grains and higher nutritional values. Drink more water throughout the day to help eliminate a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Take out the clutter, and it will make it easier to keep your diet clean.

Take Out the Trash

There is a huge difference between trash and clutter, whether we are talking about your diet or your home. Trash is pretty obvious. In your diet, you need to take out the sugary drinks, foods loaded with refined sugar, highly processed foods, and empty calorie snacks. You can replace these with your healthy options, but you need to make room for them. Fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meats, and water are the things your diet should be made of. You will need to read labels to find hidden sugars or nutritional values, but it will be worth the extra effort. Focus on adding green things to your meals, as these are loaded with calcium, iron, and a number of minerals and vitamins.


Spring cleaning your diet is just as impacting as spring cleaning your home. With a new diet, you will feel refreshed and energized, and the long-term result will be an appearance you are proud of.


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