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Run Toward Good Health During Quarantine

Run Toward Good Health During Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has created some significant challenges for those who enjoy heading to the gym or the yoga studio to workout. Because of social distancing recommendations and non-essential business closures, many of the common areas used for fitness and health needs are inoperable. However, there are still those who won’t let the threat of COVID-19 keep them from addressing their health and weight. Weight loss programs like the HCG diet are still functional during the global shutdown, and there is always room outside or in your home to get an exercise routine going.

The Running Routine

Without being able to check into a gym and hit the treadmill or rowing machine for a workout, many people have taken up running over the last few weeks and with good reason. Running doesn’t require prior training or specialized equipment. It can be done anywhere, and it doesn’t cost a thing. There are also plenty of amazing health benefits, which makes it an even more important choice, with the entire world is worried about their health right now.

Good for the Heart

By running just five to ten minutes a day, you can vastly reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Even at a slow pace (an easy 12-minute mile), running provides your body with the cardio exercise needed to reduce your risk of dying from heart disease. In fact, compared to those who never runner, regular runners have reduced their likelihood of cardiovascular troubles by 50%. Over time and with consistency, running will decrease your resting heart rate and keep your heart from working too hard.

Good for Euphoria

You might find it crazy, but running can give you a high. As you run, your brain increases the production of endorphins and endocannabinoids. These a two, highly powerful feel-good hormones, with the endocannabinoids being awfully similar to the mood-altering chemical THC found in marijuana. Anandamide is the most studied of these chemicals, and it was discovered by scientists who were trying to figure out how marijuana works to get people high.

Good for Your Joints

As you age, your body is at increased for degenerative conditions that weaken your muscles, bones, and joints. In a study that looked at the effects of running and walking in 100,000 participants, scientists were able to definitively show that runners were half as likely to develop knee problems (osteoarthritis) when compared to those to the walkers in the group. Even though running pounds the pavement and stresses your cartilage and bones, the repetition and movements cause them to spring back stronger. Running has a bone-building side effect that is more intense than a low-impact exercise like walking.

Good for Weight Management

Running is a way to blast through extra belly fat and burn calories. The average is about 12.2 calories per minute if you were to run a 10-minute mile. This is the average when you are running on flat terrain, like on the sidewalks through the neighborhood. If you can find somewhere with hills and some resistance, you will be able to burn through even more calories. Add some hand weights to your run for even greater impact.

Good for Your Physique

A lot of people are working on their summer beach body, and running can get you swimsuit ready. The biggest muscles in your body are found in your legs, and running maximizes the shape and tone of all of them. Running works out your hamstrings, your glutes, your quads, and your calves. It also tones your core muscles, including your transverse abdominus, your erector spinae, and your obliques. You can quickly reduce the look the pudge around the middle or those love handles by running two miles a day, several days a week. To maximize your efforts, swing your arms and legs and suck in your gut.

Good for Your Constraints

As mentioned before, running is something that can be done on any budget, at any time, and doesn’t require equipment or experience. If you just have 10 minutes a day to work out, running will give you the most efficient, effective workout. In a time where people are constrained to home, neighborhoods, or the great outdoors, running can be done in any of these environments. It’s an easy workout that can be done with your family or on your own.

Good for Your Social Life

Though you may not be able to experience the social benefits of running during the pandemic, when all of this over, you will find out how awesome runner can be. They are a friendly, motivating group that will help you succeed and stay with your workout plan. Take these next few weeks to get in shape, and be ready to run with the best of them once the quarantine lifts.


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