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Post-Season Belly Blues and How You Can Beat Them

Post-Season Belly Blues and How You Can Beat Them

The Super Bowl has come and gone, but the sounds of victory have just begun in Kansas City. Nothing like the thrill of victory and the excitement of knowing your team finally pulled it off. Unfortunately, all that partying took place on February 2 could have had a lasting impact on your waistline. While the chips and dip, the hot dogs, the wings, and the few beers you threw back made it easier to enjoy the game, the work that you know lies ahead isn’t the same as the victory lap the Chiefs are taking. Binge eating for a day might not have destroyed your entire weight plan, but the bloating, guilt, and carb crash you experience could destroy your motivation to get back in the game of healthy eating.

Take a Time Out

Before you throw in the towel on your weight loss goals, take a time out and assess the damage. According to experts, it could take up to three days before all the excess sugar, junk, and alcohol are shed from your system, and these three days are the perfect time to come up with a new strategy. Your first step should be to forgive yourself for indulging on game day favorites and enjoying the moment. After all, you are human and everyone tends to party on Super Bowl Sunday. However, you also need to be honest with yourself about your general eating habits. Sure, the party was one day, but if you tend to take advantage of every holiday or special occasion to fill up your plate (several times over), you may have an unhealthy food addiction or eating problem.

Take Hydration Seriously

Just like an athlete leaving it all out on the field, you need to stay hydrated to beat your binge effects. While your stomach may feel like it can’t hold another ounce, you need to keep drinking water to fight against gas-induced bloat and help digest all that extra food hanging around your stomach. In general, water increases feelings of satiety and supports a healthy metabolism. This can improve your body’s recovery from the excessive eating, as water will also begin to flush out additional salt and elements that cause bloating.

Eat a Breakfast of Champions

You might have sworn off eating after your day of indulgence, but it is common to feel extra hungry the next morning after you wake up. After eating several meals or having too many appetizers, your body’s insulin level will spike. However, this is immediately followed by a drop in blood sugar and cravings for carbs or sugar. Start your morning with a breakfast filled with fiber and protein. Though you may be tired and are running late from missing your alarm, skip the cereal or donut and make a balanced breakfast of carbs, protein, and healthy fat. Two whole eggs and a cup of fruit are a good starting point.

Kick Up Your Activity

Overeating often guilts people into frantic exercising for extended periods of time for the next few days. In reality, this isn’t an effective countermeasure to your calorie consumption. It is important to step up your activity levels after you have taken a day to pig out, but this isn’t about burning calories. Exercise helps improve the delivery of oxygen to the digestive tract, which can, in turn, keep the food moving through more efficiently and smoothly. A 30-minute exercise routine, whether it’s an at-home workout or a jog around the local park, can do wonders for moving past binge bloat. Park further away at work or at the store to help increase the amount of activity you get during the day, but these are good practices to include regardless of how much you have eaten the day before.

Work With a Professional

To really work through your eating habits and pay close attention to your weight, it is advised that you work with a physician for the best possible outcomes. Your favorite team relies on trainers, coaches, and medical staff to assist in times of need, and a weight that is out of control needs help. The HCG diet has become a popular choice for those looking to lose excess belly fat and trim down. The protocol helps burn through stored fat in order to lose weight more quickly than dieting and exercise alone. However, this dieting option should only be undertaken with the guide of a physician who can monitor your progress.

You have the heart of a champion, so why let binge eating knock you out of the game. You can keep your Super Bowl celebration going without the drag of bloat and guilt of overeating by committing to dietary change.


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