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Improving Your Body's Response to a Low-Carb Diet

Improving Your Body's Response to a Low-Carb Diet

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things you ever attempt in life. It takes motivation, commitment, and discipline to follow a restricted diet and increase your activity levels. Consider how many times losing weight or getting in shape has been your New Year’s Resolution. It seems like such an exciting and rewarding commitment at the time, but within a few weeks, you have slacked off and aren’t as successful as you thought you would be. There is a lot to understand about losing weight, as it involves more than just sheer willpower. Fortunately, you don’t have to get on the dieting roller coaster anymore. Thanks to WAYT-less, you can step on the scale with satisfaction.

Leading With Results

Even though you may hear people say your weight isn’t about a number, there is something to be said about getting your weight into a healthy range, particularly with BMI.  While you may want to blame your size on genetics or being big-boned, these have little to do with the excess weight building up around your middle or along your thighs. A physician will look at your BMI to determine how healthy your body weight is by comparing it to your height. Looking at your BMI over time also shows whether your weight is accelerating faster than your height. In adults, whose height remains the same, your weight should also remain balanced. Your goal for selecting a weight management program should focus on how effective the program will be for helping shed excess weight and getting your body back into a healthy range. Since it is hard to achieve this consistency on your own, it may be necessary to work with a weight-loss professional to get the results you need.

At Nu Image, you don’t have to worry about buying into a hoax or a scam. The prescriptions and programs are geared toward your success, and clients from all over have sung the praises of the high-quality, effective weight loss solutions. As the commitment to deliver new treatments continue, the physicians at Nu Image at both proud and excited to offer WAYT-less to those needing a manageable dieting program. Through the custom compound of three medications, supporting exercise programs, and reduced-calorie diet, users will find a dramatic increase in the success of their weight management efforts. Let’s break down the three medications in the compound.

  1. Acarbose: This is an FDA-approved medication that reduces body fat and prevents excess weight gain. It does this though by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates. The body relies on alpha-glucosidase enzymes and pancreatic alpha-amylase to digest carbs that enter the body through the diet. However, acarbose inhibits the systems that produce these enzymes, impacting the rate of cab absorption. Since excess carbs are turned into glucose, the reduction in carbs limits how much glucose is created through conversion. Excess carbs are then shed through the body as normal waste. Many individuals try to include a carb blocker in their dieting plan, especially when they are still eating a carbohydrate-dense meal, as it works as a preventative. When acarbose is taken consistently, it aids the body in preventing excess glucose from turning into body fat.

In addition to the help with weight loss, acarbose is also beneficial for reducing the cravings and side effects that often accompany a low-carb diet. When individuals try to wean themselves off carbs, the body fights back with hunger and cravings, but it also experiences fatigue. Carbs are a source of fuel for the body, though many people have gotten their system to accept simple carbs rather than healthy, complex ones. With acarbose, you can still have improved carbohydrate digestion and elimination even if you are taking a cheat day or your meal has a had few too many carb components. It also helps stabilize blood sugar. This can reduce the risk of developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

  1. Naltrexone: What is low dose naltrexone? You may have heard of naltrexone and its use for those suffering from addiction. The prescription creates a neurochemical reaction in two areas of your brain. These are the hunger center and the area that associates rewards with conditioned behaviors or sensory perceptions. With this medication, it may help the brain release the stronghold of pleasure and reward that is often a motivating factor for overeating. Naltrexone focuses on the mental aspect of dieting and intake. The body, through the conditioning of the brain and certain stimulus, responds to different foods, substances, or experiences based on an anticipation of reward. It can take a lifetime to develop the perception of pleasure through food, with stress eating or emotional eating often providing a feeling of reward or comfort.

As this medication will affect the release and regulation of endorphins and hormones, Naltrexone is theorized to weaken the association between pleasure and cravings, as well as suppress the appetite. Because this element controls dopamine signals, it further reduces sugar and carb cravings, helping stabilize blood sugar. Low levels of dopamine are reasonable for feelings of anxiety, depression, or fatigue, leading people to emotionally eat. Regulated levels, through Naltrexone, can keep individuals from these unhealthy habits. The medication also has a positive effect on reducing inflammation and helping restore the body’s circadian rhythm for better sleeping patterns.

  1. Orlistat: A standard prescription of Orlistat relies on three daily doses (before meals) of 120 mg to further improve the body’s resistance to absorbing fats found in foods. It a common prescription in overweight patients that have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. This medication is a lipase inhibitor. It works by inhibiting pancreatic and gastric lipases, which are the enzymes necessary for breaking down triglyceride in the intestine. If this activity is blocked, triglycerides are changed into free fatty acids, allow to them be excreted from the body through feces.

The benefits of adding this medication to a dieting compound extend past just weight loss. Orlistat has been shown effective at improving blood pressure and lowering blood lipids in users. It has also been shown to reduce insulin sensitivity, helping prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes and other blood sugar problems. For weight loss, the greatest benefits come as the medication blocks the digestion of fat in the stomach.

Choosing Your Plan

This compound is a revolutionary new formula that combines three effective medication for improved weight loss. The combination of these products decreases carbohydrate and lipid digestion, suppresses appetite, reduces post-meal glucose spikes, and control insulin resistance. However, as effective you may find this formula, you do need to have a reduced-calorie diet and rigorous exercise routine planned. This program doesn’t burn through massive amounts of fat without additional efforts. For users to find success, it will take a complete overhaul of the diet, restructuring their meal-time-habits to be more nutrient-rich instead of carbohydrate-dense. Even though this is a significant step away from the most common and convenient eating habits, the blend of medications in WAYT-less reduces the discomfort that is often felt in drastic dietary changes. Energy levels remain consistent, cravings are controlled, and motivations that tend to encourage overeating are managed.

WAYT-less can be the missing ingredient to your weight concerns. Reach out to Nu Image for more on how you can get your body back down to a healthy size with their new product.

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