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Getting a Head Start on Lifestyle Change

Getting a Head Start on Lifestyle Change

The choices you make each day influence how well you will be able to address the challenges of life, whether a business presentation, a first date, or illness. The most important issues of life concern your health and well-being, and proactively taking steps to address potential illness or disease is the easiest way to address these challenges. If you have developed a mental plan of attack to change your eating habits and improve your activity level, you are already on the right track. However, if all you have is ideas, you need these five easy steps to set up a personal plan for jumpstarting change in your life.

1. Establish Your Goal

There are several things you may want out of life, but establishing a solid list of goals that are well defined will help you focus your energy and attention in the right direction. When it comes to life’s goals, many think of career success, their health, and financial stability. While career goals and financial stability have components that require lengthy investments, working towards your health can start immediately. If you struggle with weight gain and need to formulate a plan to help with weight loss, the HCG diet is a way to use your body’s natural abilities to burn through fat while training you on portion control and proper national requirements for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Consider the Details of Your Dreams

If you have established lofty goals, step back and consider the reality of your plans and work out the details. If your goal is to play the lottery and win a million dollars, you are probably going to spend a lot of your energy and resources on a goal that will never be realized. However, if you have decided to run a marathon or climb Mt. Everest, you need to lay out the details that will help you get where you want to go. A goal without a guide to get there is useless. If your goal or dreams lies beyond your comfort zone and area of expertise, enlist the help of friends, family, or a trusted advisor to give you pointers and actionable steps that can be taken.

3. Prioritize Your Area of Change

Your list of goals may be a mile long, but you need to streamline line them to the most important. Thinking of your long-term plans, focusing on your health and wellness is the best way to reach the rest of your goals. Eliminating excess fat or weight can help give you the energy to tackle projects or challenges that may have been too difficult before, giving you the confidence to take another step in the right direction. If your long-term goal requires financing, you need to work through your immediate monetary situation to plan for the future. Being smart with your resources and your energy sets you up for long-term success with pursuing your goals.

4. Make Your Goal Public

You don’t need to put your information out on social media as a way to keep yourself accountable, but you do need to make either a verbal or written promise to yourself and someone you feel is in your corner. While you may have a lot of inner motivation to achieve your goal, it is more effective to have a network of people who can provide encouragement when you hit a rough patch or be a cheering squad when you are able to check an item off your list. When you put your goal and strategy in writing, you are able to mindfully make decisions that carry you forward. It eases the stress and worry associated with the “what to do next” questions, proving mental clarity and improved emotional commitment. This is especially true when you have made health and dieting commitments. The journey can feel lonely, and you need emotional support and accountability if you are going to stay on track.

5. Identify the Obstacles

Sidestep the obstacles before they even come close with some proactive strategy. Identify the hang-ups and the pitfalls, developing your response to move past them and avoiding letting them distract you. If it is a matter of time or scheduling, use apps that set reminders and help take away the pressure and stress of getting everything into your day. If it is a matter of will power, such as with a diet, remove all the unhealthy snack options from the kitchen, leaving only good choices behind.


If you are tackling serious weight loss or you are attempting a career change, you have the power to set your goals in motion. Take small steps to personalize your goals and you will find it becomes much easier to reach for them.


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