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Everything You Know About Carbs is a Lie

Everything You Know About Carbs is a Lie

Some of the most popular fad diets on the market are pure torture for the average carb-loving human being. The idea of having to swear off some of the tastiest foods on the planet has people giving up on their weight loss plans before they even get started. If you have fallen into depression over the conflict between your love of carbs and the need to trim excess fat around the middle, take heart. Not all diets have you completely coming off carbs, and plans like the HCG diet have some great substitute options. Still not convinced? Then consider the mind-blowing information that carbs aren’t bad for you. In fact, your body needs them to live a healthy and functional life.

The Truth of the Matter

While recent years have seen people screaming about the evils of carbs, they haven’t been telling you the whole story. Carbohydrates one of the body’s sources of energy, and they can be found in foods like vegetables, fruits, pasta, dairy products, and bread. Your body’s main source of energy comes from glucose, and the glucose can be used to fill an immediate energy need or it can be stored for later. Your body relies on the carbs found in foods to make glucose. In addition to becoming a fuel support system for the body, carb can also be a good source of vitamins and minerals. The catch with carbs is that they aren’t all equal, and many fail to separate the good from the bad when attacking the category in general.

The Different Types of Carbs

Generally speaking, carbs can be divided into two groups: good and bad. The USDA  advises that good carbs are the ones that contain a lot of fiber. Foods that fall into this category are whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods contain carbs that take longer for the body to break down into glucose and also give you a higher nutritional value for your calories. The bad carbs are those that come from refined foods. Carbs that have been processed to have parts of the grain removed and sugar added. Refined carbs are found in cakes, cookies, crackers, white bread, and many processed, pre-packaged foods.

The Low-Carb Approach

There is a reason that many people stress over their carbs when trying to diet. Refined carbs are more quickly turned into glucose than a fiber-based card, and when this happens, the excess glucose can’t be processed through the body efficiently. The build-up of excess glucose in the body leads to fat build-up, often around the middle. By eliminating simple sugars and refined carbs from the diet, it is much easier to achieve weight loss goals. Soft drinks, cakes, sweets, cookies, frozen dinners, and packaged meals are loaded with sugar, filling your body with way more glucose than it can handle. By exchanging your bad carbs for good carbs, you give your weight plans a better shot at success.

A low-carb diet shouldn’t cut out all the carbs from your meals. Instead, you should choose foods that are high in fiber. They give you the best nutrition to carb ratio, but they also create a feeling of fullness. This can keep you from snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Low-carb diets are often linked to low-calorie diets since many of the refined carb foods are high in calories. Eating less white flour products and pasta while choosing fruits, vegetables, and lean meats can help you see noticeable success in your weight management efforts. However, trying to stick to a low-carb diet like this for a long period of time will have you ending up on a weight loss plateau since it is not a normal balance of nutrition for the body.

The Right Response to Carbs

You can still eat carbs and lose weight, and when you choose the right carbs, you boost your weight loss potential. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to each meal, but also incorporate a serving of whole grain. Brown rice, corn tortillas, sprouted grain bread, or whole wheat pasta can be a healthy source of carbohydrates. Even if a label is packaged and advertised as being a low-carb option, always read the label. Look at the fiber content and amount of sugar it contains to see if it is really a healthy option. You can use whole-grain toast or cereal for breakfast, add raw slices of veggies as snacks, and substitute beans for meat at least once a week. Fruit and low-fat yogurt can be your dessert.


Contrary to what the health nut may be preaching, not all carb are bad for you. In fact, you need them to stay healthy and lose weight.


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