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Weight Loss Therapies with WAYT-Less™ Diet

Weight Loss Therapies with WAYT-Less™ Diet

Most doctors will agree that diet modification and exercise can lead to weight loss. While this is true, it’s not always that easy. Everyone’s bodies deal with caloric deficits differently. Additionally, some health conditions can make it harder to lose weight. It’s why weight loss therapies have to be carefully explored.

One of the more popular weight-loss diets is HCG, though there are plenty of leading medications, too. You’ll want to compare how each of them is going to help you lose weight – and what some of the downsides are to the medications.

The Pros And Cons Of The HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a little different than some of the other weight loss therapies. Instead of providing you with a prescription drug that you take orally, it involves an injection of hormones. It still requires a prescription, but it can make it easier to restrict your calories for the day – often reducing the calories to as low as 500 calories.

While the HCG diet has provided some impressive results, there are also countless side effects. First, it’s important to note that the HCG diet has not been approved by the FDA as a weight loss product. Additionally, side effects range from fatigue and restlessness to depression and irritability.

Being on such a caloric deficit is not sustainable for a long period of time. It also makes it impossible to work out, which means that you’re losing body mass – both fat and muscle. This can work against you because you’ll lose the weight but you could easily put it all back on once you resume a normal, balanced diet.

It’s why it’s important to explore some of the other weight loss therapies that are more sustainable. It will ensure you can lose the weight and keep it off. More importantly, it will allow you to eat more of the foods you love. If you’re in too much of a caloric deficit, you may have problems staying awake throughout the day and maintaining focus. While you want to lose weight, you also have to maintain your health throughout the process.

A Look At The Leading Weight Loss Therapies

When you want to lose weight with added help, various weight loss therapies exist. These are often prescription drugs that are taken alongside a modified diet. It can boost your metabolism and help with the cravings.

You’ll want to explore the prescription medications for weight loss that have been approved by the FDA.

This includes:

  • Orlistat (brand names of Xenical and Alli)

  • Lorcaserin (brand name of Belviq)

  • Phentermine-topiramate (brand name of Qsymia)

  • Liraglutide (brand name of Saxenda)

  • Naltrexone-bupropion (brand name of Contrave)

All of these medications can be used for the long-term. Once you begin taking them, it can take a few weeks for it to build in your body so that you can see the results. Further, it’s best to talk with a doctor when you’re ready to stop so that you can do so in a healthy way.

Each of the medications is capable of helping in one way or another. They’ll curb your appetite, prevent your body from absorbing fats or carbs, and kickstart your metabolism. The dosage can vary, too. For example, Xenical weight loss is a higher dosage of orlistat than Alli. This means that you’d need a prescription for Xenical but not for the low-dose Alli (which is available over the counter).

Whether a doctor will prescribe these to you or not is often dependent on your BMI. If you’re in the obese category, they’ll be more likely to prescribe you the medication to help you in your weight loss goals. However, if you have a BMI of 29 or more and have health problems, you may also qualify.

Not all prescriptions will help you, either. Some may cause headaches or irritability. Many will require you to reduce your calorie intake to a level where you may be uncomfortable. If you encounter too many cravings, it can be difficult to stay on for the long-term.

While all of these weight loss therapies can help, it’s about finding the one that’s right for you. Additionally, it can be advantageous to explore combining some of the drugs so that you can address multiple issues and use the drug longer for long-term weight loss (and maintenance).

The Benefits Of Combining Therapies

What happens if you can combine therapies? You’re able to address more than one issue – like hunger cravings and fat absorption. At Nu Image Medical, we have combined three of the leading medications – orlistat, low dose naltrexone, along with acarbose. All three are in one oral medication that we call Wayt-less.

One of the leading benefits of this combined therapy is that it’s considerably more affordable than buying the three therapies separately. Additionally, we provide a full Wayt-less diet that will help you with a modified diet. We have certified nutritionists who work with you so you learn what your caloric intake should be and what foods are on the “approved” list. We supply you with recipes and even give you access to a food delivery program.

Each of the therapies offers a wide array of benefits.

Xenical weight loss medication is responsible for preventing most fats that you consume from being absorbed by your intestines. It can promote weight loss faster because of not having to worry about the calories from fattier foods. Additionally, it helps suppress your appetite and boosts your energy levels.

Acarbose (a prescription medication often identified under the brand name of Precose) is capable of lowering inflammation in the body. It is also an FDA-approved carb blocker that can help to regulate your blood sugar. The added bonus is that it will also help to control your cravings.

Finally, low-dose naltrexone will lower your insulin resistance and improve your digestion. It is also going to suppress your appetite and control your food cravings. You’ll find that it can also give you more energy, which is important when you’re on a low-calorie diet.

Rather than having to pick and choose from just one of these therapies to help you with your weight loss, you get all three. It’s all part of what makes the Wayt-less diet so unique.

How The Wayt-Less Diet Can Provide Results

The Xenical weight loss therapy has already proven that it can provide results – and so has Precose and Naltrexone. The reason that we have combined all three for you is to ensure you get the results that you are after, only faster.

Additionally, we have found that many people put weight back on after reaching their goal. This is often because of falling back into old habits. It can be hard to make a permanent lifestyle change. However, Wayt-less is something that you can continue for the long-term. Xenical, in particular, can help with maintenance as it will block the fats that you eat on a regular basis. You also get help with regulating your blood sugar so that you don’t encounter regular spikes in your glucose levels.

We set you up for success every step of the way. When you decide you need weight loss therapy to help you achieve a healthy weight, our Wayt-less diet can help.

Getting started is easier than you might think. You can choose to start at any time. You’ll meet with a doctor online to receive your prescription. Then, we ship everything right to your door. You’ll have a food and diet guide to provide you with more insight into the diet. You’ll also have licensed and certified nutritionist support.

Perhaps the best part about combining the therapies and staying away from the HCG diet is that you can exercise. It allows you to build muscle mass, which is an important component of keeping your metabolism up.

When you’re ready to see how this advanced weight loss therapy can help you, contact us at Nu Image Medical.

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