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Dieting Results That Are Comparable to the HCG Plan

Dieting Results That Are Comparable to the HCG Plan

Regardless of what dieting program you have been considering, the overall purpose of your efforts is to lose weight. You might be wanting to drop 20 pounds or your doctor has warned you that your condition is pushing you into serious health risk categories. Dieting plans are as varied as the people who use them, and there isn’t one solution that can provide the same results for everyone. There are, however, some weight loss programs that have more consistent success and a shorter timeline of noticeable results than many would expect from a traditional dieting route of counting calories and hiring a personal trainer. For a long time, the HCG diet was the go-to treatment for those wanting fast results. This past spring, FDA regulations have changed the compounding guidelines for the HCG hormone, making it a lot harder to obtain as a dieting resource. However, with WAYT-less, the dieting plan offering by NU Image, you get the same results, if not better than the HCG diet without HCG injections.

The Way the Old Diet Worked

The HCG diet required injections of the HCG hormone and a very strict 500 calorie a day intake. Though this doesn’t seem like a very nutritional or sustainable diet, the injections of HCG would allow the body to tap into stored fat deposits and retrieve the fuel and energy stored within. This made it easier to not need additional calories. The body had plenty to spare. The injections also allowed the body to metabolize fat faster, which was why the hormone was a necessary component of the diet.

Fat Metabolism

Those who are overweight realize that there is too much body fat hanging around the different areas of the body. Middle-aged adults notice that fat accumulates more easily around the belly and thighs, and it takes more of an effort to try to lose that weight. Men and women gain weight a little differently as well, but both still notice these areas are where stubborn fat develops. Your interior organs can also develop layers of fat, which isn’t as noticeable as the exterior of your body. Interior fat buildup is just as dangerous though, making it important to metabolize abnormal fat as quickly as possible. The HCG hormone would specifically target this abnormal fat and let the body use these stores are energy. This is why individuals didn’t need as many calories. When the hormone wasn’t used, the metabolism naturally broke down the calories stored in the muscle, and muscle loss occurred.  Muscle mass must be protected when you are losing weight or when you are following an extremely low calories diet. The HCG hormone acted as a line of defense to keep muscles from breaking down.

Hunger Symptoms

One of the reasons many people can’t stick to their diet is hunger pains. With the Western diet, it is fairly typical for people to have their next meal or snack long before the remnant of their last intake has been fully digested. Many people struggle with hunger pangs. A low-calorie diet can make this struggle even worse. This is where the HCG hormone would help. When an individual used hormone injections, it was much easier to move past the feelings of hunger or fatigue, as the hormone worked specifically to reduce those symptoms. The lengths of the low-calorie diet varied from three to six weeks, which is a considerable amount of time for anyone to adjust to such a limited intake. The body can struggle while attempting to transition to a ketogenic state. This is where the body relies on elevated ketone levels in the body to provide additional energy to the brain. This is a normal response when there is low glucose availability, which is what a low carb diet produces.

This ability to reduce uncomfortable symptoms of hunger or restlessness influence the potential success of the weight loss plan. The HCG diet was followed according to stages, and during Phase 2, when the food restrictions started, this would be where most people got discouraged and stopped treatment. The hormone became a crucial component for keeping individuals on track. Because of the impact that the hormone had on burning stored fat and reducing discomfort from hunger, the HCG diet wouldn’t be the same without the HCG. Unfortunately, the FDA changes are going to make it a lot harder to come by HCG.

The New Dieting Option

If you are feeling like you have missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get your weight under control, don’t give up hope just yet. Don’t forget, we promised to introduce you to WAYT-less. This is a plan that builds on the general HCG purpose of losing weight but takes it to another level. Like the old program, WAYT-less offers rapid weight loss by targeting fat and adipose tissue. However, unlike the old diet, there are fewer calorie restrictions, no injections, no hormones, and it is FDA approved. The tablet, taken orally, is a special blend of three medications, all combining for a knock-out effect on your weight.


You may have heard of friends dieting through the help of a carb blocker. A carbohydrate blocker, like acarbose, helps slow down the digestive process of carbs within the body. It prevents the rapid gain of excess weight by keeping the body from assimilating the fat cells found in certain foods, while at the same time increasing the body’s starch excretion. It also helps control blood sugar levels, preventing feelings of fatigue or low energy from less glucose being made. This drug must be used in conjunction with reduced carbohydrate intake and diet changes to smaller, more frequent nutritious meals.

Low Dose Naltrexone

The work of this medication addresses some of the mental challenges that plague those who are overweight or struggling to eat better. Throughout your growth and development, you have conditioned two areas of your brain to work together. These are the hunger center and the reward center. Many people mindlessly eat when they are bored or emotional because of the need for pleasure or comfort. Naltrexone was a medication prescribed to help with addictions, and for some, food is an addiction. With this formula, the pill can help reduce your hunger cravings and decrease the amount of pleasure and reward you associate with food consumption.


This medication has commonly been prescribed on its own to obese individuals undertaking a low-calorie diet and rigorous exercise program as a part of their weight loss routine. Not only can it help control high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, but it also works to prevent the intestines from absorbing up to 30% of the fats found in foods that are eaten. Instead, it fast tracks the fat to eliminate from the body through feces. Again, the key is to pair this medication with a dietary and exercise routine that promotes weight loss.

The Future of Weight Loss

Though you may have had your heart set on enrolling in the HCG plan, you can still achieve your weight loss goals through the WAYT-less plan. The diet is less restrictive and more forgiving. You are allowed and encouraged to exercise to produce desired results. You don’t have to deal with needles or nutritional deficiencies. Every comparison you can make shows that WAYT-less is the way to change your future health.

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