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Celebrating Cocktail Day Without Crashing Your Diet

Celebrating Cocktail Day Without Crashing Your Diet

On May 13th, the whole world gets another reason to head to the bar and sip on a classic or custom cocktail. If you have few inhibitions, you may as well order both, as World Cocktail Day is all about celebrating a stimulating liquor that is composed of a variety of the spirits. Going a drink at a time or by the pitcher, it is easy to totally let loose and forget about your weight loss goals. Without warning, you can easily drink yourself way past your daily calorie count. For those who are following a strict regimen like the HCG diet, one night of cocktails with the gang (even though for a good cause) can totally throw you off your plan.

Strategize Your Drinking Plan

When you want to party but are afraid of the impact it will have on your dieting plan, you should create a strategy before you walk into the bar or drive over with the gang. Cocktails are casually thrown back amidst laughter and snacks, and while you are down for lots of laughs, you can’t afford to keep downing drinks and scooping up appetizers. If you know you are headed out for drinks, grab a healthy bite to eat before you go. This will keep you from being as hungry and filling up on things you shouldn’t. Alcohol makes your hungrier, and it becomes way too easy to eat and drink more once your inhibitions have been lowered. Cocktails can be low-carb if you know what to ask for. You can still lose weight and have a good time, but you should get your strategy in place before your mind goes a little fuzzy. Here are your alcohol pointers

  1. Set your limit before you get to the part. Don’t drink whatever is passed around or recommended. Even if you are choosing low-calorie options, you really don’t need the hangover the next morning.
  2. Start your drinking with a glass of seltzer water flavored with a slice of lemon or lime. You will feel more full before you start drinking, but it can also help you avoid overeating. Dehydration leads to uncomfortable hangovers and mistakenly thinking that you are hungry.
  3. Follow an “every other” rule. Slow down how much alcohol you are consuming by switching between non-alcohol and calorie-free drinks over the course of the evening. This keeps you feeling full but also keeps you hydrated.

What to Drink

Now that you have a strategy in place, the next thing to figure out is what cocktails you can drink while still staying on track with your weight goals. Whether you like tequila, rum, gin, or whiskey, there is something for everyone when you mix cocktails. Here are a few that are less than 200 calories but don’t sacrifice on taste.

Champagne. Not just for celebrations, a flute of champagne is one of the lowest-calorie options. While a glass of wine may offer more by the way of antioxidant properties, a glass of champagne can save your calorie count at only 98 calories a glass.

Rum and Coke. Always a simple but delicious favorite, you can make the drink more diet-friendly by choosing a Diet Coke. By doing so, you only have to worry about the calories in the rum. You top out at about 96 calories a drink.

Vodka Soda. At just 96 calories, here’s another simple cocktail to order during your night out. Soda water doesn’t have any calories, so once again, you are only stressing over the ones in the vodka.

Skinny Mojitos. Since warmer weather is on its way, a mojito is a great choice on World Cocktail Day. To make them more appropriate for your dieting goals, have the bartended leave out the simple syrup or sugar. You can add in a packet of sugar substitute in order to keep the cocktail down to 100 calories.

Sazerac. For the sophisticated taste, whiskey drinkers head over to the bar for a sazerac. The combination of water, sugar, absinthe, and bitters will smooth out the bite that comes from the liquor leaving you with just 136 calories and great taste.

Fresh Lime Margarita. For some, a night out isn’t complete with a margarita or two. If traditionally made, this cocktail could set your back 300-700 calories, but you can go skinny on the popular syrup mix and use a non-caloric sweetener instead. You could also just triple sec, tequila, lime juice, and real sugar for a drink that reduces the calorie count to about 150.

Bloody Mary. You could start your celebration earlier in the day with a classic Bloody Mary. These aren’t the most calorie friendly, usually bringing about 200 calories to the table. However, this is one drink that can give some help in the nutrient department. With extra vitamin A, C, and potassium, you have something to show your calorie intake and drink choice.


Without warning, you can easily drink yourself way past your daily calorie count. These options can keep you on track and still let you celebrate.


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