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Bad Dieting Advice and What to Do About It

Bad Dieting Advice and What to Do About It

With all of the information spread through the internet, the aisles of food at the grocery stores, the crazy diet plans, and the input of self-proclaimed experts, it can be a chaotic struggle to find a healthy lifestyle that is fool-proof. People have been putting their bodies through the wringer looking for the right diet protocol or the most natural, organic foods. Supplement stores abound and natural oils and holistic healing ventures have blossomed. The generations of today are living in a world where anything is possible, especially you think how easy it is to find your own way to health and wellness. However, the dieting chaos has done an injustice to the real need for individuals to be healthy and smart about their lifestyles. There are some amazing diet plans on the market, such as the HCG diet, which not only help reduce body fat but also develop weight management practices. It this kind of protocol where you should spend your energy, not these crazy ideas that millennials are touting as the way to weight loss success.

1. Believing that all carbs are bad is a bad idea. Back in the ‘80s, dieting mantras demonized fat, but since then the call has been to abandon all carbs. However, it is the refined grain that needs to be cast off and not the whole grains. Products that contain white rice or white flour have been processed to a point where two-thirds of the nutritious value found in whole grains has been taken out. There is an abundance of fiber and minerals that support cardiovascular and gut health contained in whole grains, and these should not be completely eliminated from your intake. As a long-term benefit, they help stabilize the body’s blood sugar levels. You can consume brown rice, quinoa, and oats for a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates.

2. Lumping fruit and candy into the same sugar category is a mistake. There are many who assume that fruit should be on the no-no list because of the high sugar content. This is an ill-advised idea. There is sugar in fruit and some types of fruit can spike your blood sugar. However, excluding it all together is generally the opposite of what most bodies need. Vegetables and fruit that are higher in the glycemic index still don’t compare to eating a package of gummy bears or fruit candies. On the contrary, the fruit will provide a healthy combination of flavor, hydration, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The nutritional quality in fruit is boosted by the fact that the fiber will help you full longer, and minimize your desire to snack. A cup of berries, a small apple, or carrots sticks can all be consumer guilt-free.

3. Diet foods can actually sabotage your weight goals. When the world was going crazy about fatting foods, new lines of diet products came to the market and flew off the shelves by the cart full. However, making healthy foods taste good often requires an increase in the sweeteners that are added. The packaged of reduced-calorie chips might be tempting, but sugar substitutes can spike your blood sugar and often encourage sweet cravings rather than squash them. Rather than turning to diet soda or sugar-free candy, use a natural sweet item as a replacement. You can wean yourself off sweets by turning to a few dark chocolate chips or flavored seltzer water.

4. Counting calories is all that matters. A healthy weight isn’t a simple and counting what goes in and gets worked out. If you live your life with a restricted intake that has no balance or end in sight, you are going to struggle with your control and ability to push them aside. Food deprivation is one of the leading causes of yo-yo diets, and it can disrupt both your physical and mental health. There are distinguishable categories of acceptable foods and smarter calorie choices. If four cookies have the same amount of calories as a low-fat string cheese stick, then your choice should be the string cheese. The calories are not wrong. They were spent wisely. The mental guilt of cheating on your diet or forgetting to count a snack can be stressful and demotivating.

4. You should reset a lifestyle and not your body. Detox diet have millennials convinces that simply cleaning out the inside will give you the jump on weight loss. While a cleanse can alter the body composition by removing harmful bacteria buildup, limited intake diets that are sustained long-term can lead to nutritional deficiencies. The best way to move forward should be through a slow start that moves through a sustainable, distance-based plan based around lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Fiber and water can naturally detox the body.


The generations of today are living in a world where anything is possible, especially you think how easy it is to find your own way to health and wellness. However, don’t get so caught up in the hype and marketing that you forget how true weight loss and healthy living is really accomplished.


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