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4 Phases of Weight Loss That Can Change Your Life

4 Phases of Weight Loss That Can Change Your Life

Many people find that their efforts to lose weight are easily thwarted by family gatherings,  holidays, stress, schedule, and lack of adequate support or resources. For anyone that has spent time fighting the numbers on the scale, it can be a frustrating period of emotional highs and lows and physical adjustments. There are dozens of products on the market that promise quick results, but for those that have bought into the hype, the results aren’t what you’d hoped for. Rather than get back on the dieting roller coaster, consider trying the HCG protocol for your weight loss goals. This approach to a healthier, trimmer you isn’t just about how many pounds you shed but the ability to keep them off.

The Risks of Obesity

A trip to the doctor for a well-check always includes stepping on the scale. Your body weight plays a significant role in your physical health and quality of life. When you step on the scale, physicians look at your body weight as an indicator of health, but more importantly, they calculate your BMI. This number presents the doctor with an estimate of the total fat content of the body. The higher your BMI, the more at risk you are for serious conditions. A healthy BMI for adults should fall between 18 and 25, with anything over indicated a condition of being overweight and eventually, obese. Problems with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, increased risk of strokes, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, and certain types of cancer have all been linked to being overweight or obese. Being overweight affects your energy levels, your sex life, and your mental health. The negative effects of carrying around too much weight can severely impact your quality of life. For this reason, finding a supportive and sustained weight intervention can be the key to giving you your life back. Losing a small amount of weight a little at a time or staying on track for a more significant loss can make a huge difference in how you feel and look.

The Solution to Your Weight Crisis

The HCG diet was introduced to the healthcare community over 70 years ago, and many have found success through the plan. It's not a plan for everyone, though you will want to discuss your health conditions and concerns with a physician before attempting any type of program that will significantly alter your normal routine. Not all bodies are healthy enough for a rigorous diet routine, and some of the prescriptions used during the program may need to be altered. The program relies on a combination of dietary changes, human chorionic gonadotropin, and supporting compounds to encourage the body to lose weight. Throughout studies into HCG, the research found that the hormone can tap into the body’s stored fat and use it as an energy source. It allows people to reduce their daily intake drastically since the excess energy found in fat supplied the body’s needs. The hormone directs a slight increase in the production of male and female hormones, which, when coupled with a low-calorie diet, increased the potential for losing weight more quickly. Stored fat becomes a fuel system for the body. Users also find that their physique changes, with fat being lost without taking lean muscle in the process.

The Phases of HCG and Weight Maintenance

The HCG protocol isn’t designed to last forever. The program should be followed for a minimum of 26 days, no matter how much weight an individual wants to lose. Ideally, an individual wanting to lose at 15 pounds is the best candidate for the program.

Phase 1: The first phase of the program starts with a pre-diet, though this is also optional. Preparing your body for a new way of life requires that you diligently follow the guidelines issued for the rest of the protocol, but phase 1 gets you headed in the right direction. Start by eating breakfast every day. This is an easy way to get your metabolism going, start the fat burning process, and decrease your appetite during the rest of the day. Try to incorporate salad at lunch and dinner, or use a salad as a snack in between meals. Including vegetables in your salad adds fiber to your diet, improving your digestive ability and helping regulate your blood sugar levels. Limit your mealtime and snacking to just two or three times a day. This can start releasing excess fat reserves from the body. It is also very important that you start to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from your diet. This man-made, processed sugar promotes the storage of fat through increased insulin levels, ultimately leading to obesity if left unchecked.

Phase 2: In the second phase of the program, you will be following a strict 500 calorie day diet and injecting or consuming the HCG hormone according to the dosing of your physician. The first three days of the diet are unlike the rest, with these days being devoted to the colon cleanse, eating as much as you can to prepare for the remaining program days, and taking the HCG medication first thing in the morning. You will also need to start increasing your water intake. Throughout the course of the plan, you will need to consume more than one-half gallon of filtered or bottled throughout the day. ON day four and throughout the rest of your schedule treatment, you will take the HCG medication the first thing in the morning, as directed. You will also need to carefully follow the requirements of the diet. Don’t skip meals and do not try to rearrange what products can be consumed together. Your daily intake involves protein, vegetables, and fruits for a maximum of 500 calories per day. On the last two days of the plan, you will continue to follow the 500 calorie diet requirement, but you won’t have a daily medication since it will still be filtering through your system.

Phase 3: The third phase of the program is the most important, as your body will be trying to adapt to the introduction of new foods while still trying to lose weight. To do this the most effectively, phase 3 Ultra Burn injections are highly recommended. This part of the program lasts around 21 days and provides your body with support for continued fat burning. Ultra Burn is a specially formulated compound that combines amino acids and B vitamins to liquidate extra fat and speed up the fat breakdown in the liver. In addition to helping to keep your weight in check, these injections can also give you an energy boost. Throughout phase three, you will be able to start eating normally, though there are two significant exceptions. You are not to have starchy white carbohydrates and as little sugar as possible. You can increase your calorie count, though staying around 800 calories is where you need to be for successful maintenance.  

Phase 4: During this phase, the rest of your new life begins. You will have achieved a significant milestone in your weight journey, and you have the resources and education you need to sustain your target weight.

If your previous dieting attempts have left you discouraged, you may want to consider the HCG plan. It's more than just a way to shed a few pounds. It is a strategy that encourages healthy food choices and the use of uniquely-formulated compounds to let your body move more effectively into your target weight category.

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