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25 Surprising Facts About Losing Weight

25 Surprising Facts About Losing Weight

If you have been cursing your current weight and state of wellness, you aren’t alone in your desire improved health. The team at Nu Image Medical understands how important it is to live your best life. With innovative and individualized approaches to a healthy body, which include the HCG Diet, you can experience healthy weight loss that will help get you the look and life you deserve. While you take your journey, consider these surprising facts about weight loss.

1. Food jealousy discourages eating. If your secret indulgence is pouring over food photos on Instagram, don’t hide that secret any longer. Research is showing that this habit encourages you to choose healthier food options in the long-run. The more you look at unhealthy food, the less you will want to eat it.

2. Yoga does more than de-stress. If you are into yoga, it will do more than just help you relax. Yoga has been found to be an effective fat loss tool.

3. You should capitalize on copper. Some studies have reported that fat is metabolized more effectively when there are higher levels of copper in the food. Eating some cashews or shitake mushroom can help increase your intake.

4. Become a goal setter. When you have definitive reason for losing weight, studies show you are more likely to stay with it. Common reasons include wedding, cruises, or class reunions.

5. Try to de-stress. Research is showing that stress can sabotage your weight loss efforts. It can also dampen the hormone leptin, which aids in weight control.

6. Eat less more often. The less you eat but more frequently, you will be likely to have a lower BMI. Some studies reveal snack choices as fewer calories per bit compared to large meals.

7. Increase the flavor. Eating satisfaction is derived from the visual impact of the meal and its taste. By adding strong flavors, it can increase the perception of satiety and avoid overeating.

8. Dairy can be deceiving. A study has shown that a reduced dairy intake has been linked to fat loss. Calcitriol is your body’s attempt to produce its own fat cells that rather than absorbing them from a supplement.

9. Exercise is still important. Exercise as a way of life is more effective than as a tool for weight loss. This provides consistency which it was will take weight off but keep it off.

10. Cheating is okay. Rather than being rigid with your restrictions and guidelines, allowing yourself some flexibility seems to promote a better track record with follow-through. Give yourself a treat every now and then.

11. Take ownership of the situation. Changing your mindset helps guide your actions. If you feel empowered, you will feel more committed.

12. Exercise increase satiety. A study has found that exercises put the neurons that control feelings of fullness on overdrive. This helps ensure you eat more steadily and slowly.

13. Eggs mean energy. When you jump start your days with eggs for breakfast, you have a prolonged energy release. This minimizes the need for snacking between meals.

14. Alcohol is a downer. When it comes to burning fat, alcohol increases your body’s fat content. Not only does it product it, but it slows down the ability to burn it.

15. Slow and steady wins the race. The act of chewing will stimulate the hormones controlling satiety, which slows your eating. Extra chewing can help with fat loss.

16. Drown the fat. Drinking water increases fat burning capabilities. It helps maintain a low core temperature which increases endurance.

17. Don’t skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it can reduce your metabolic rate by 10%.

18. Morning routines need sweat. Working out in the morning can stoke your metabolism to burn higher and longer. It also jump-starts your energy level.

19. Carbs are cool.With slow-release carbohydrates being an important part of a healthy weight, its okay to snatch a few. Brown rice is a good options, since it is also rich in fiber.

20. Omega-3’s are awesome. Healthy fats and flaxseed can help banish unwanted craving. Omega-3s can be found in fish.

21. Confuse your body. Changing up your workout routine and your diet can help keep your muscles guessing as to what is expected. They will get leaner and stronger in the process.

22. Just keep swimming. Water activities are great for fat loss and burning calories. No other workouts can compare the swimming.

23. Sip the sour. Switch out your morning coffee for lemon water. The pectin in lemon peel has been shown to help with weight loss.

24. Be the chef. Cooking at home can reduce your caloric intake. Its also a great stress reliever.

25. Take on some tunes. Studies show that blasting your favorite tunes can help improve your workout routines. It diverts your attention and makes the process more enjoyable.

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