Melanotide II… Is it right for YOU?

Have you struggled to achieve a tan? Or maybe you tan easily in the summer months, but it doesn't seem to last very long? Nu Image Medical may have an answer for you!....Melanotide II

If you are interested in trying Melanotide II, below are a few facts you should know before you get started.


What is Melanotide II?

Melanotide II was originally created to allow individuals to tan while also protecting the skin and decreasing the risk of skin cancer. It has been nicknamed the "€œBarbie drug"€ because it allows even the fairest of skin types a chance to get a completely natural, beautiful golden glow.


How does it work?

Melanotide II is a peptide that stimulates and increases melanocyte production. Melanocytes are simply cells that produce melanin (the brown pigment in the skin that produces a tan). A natural tan is nothing more than the body's response to sun exposure and its way of protecting the skin from harmful burning. Sun exposure is healthy and gives Vitamin D which is vital to keep the body healthy, but too much sun exposure without the protection of melanin (sometimes seen in fair, light skinned individuals) can lead to harsh burning and an increased risk in developing skin cancer and skin damage later in life. With only minimal sun exposure, Melanotide II makes it possible to achieve a completely natural tan that lasts much longer.


Are there any contraindications or side effects?

Not everyone experiences side effects with Melanotide II. Some patients experience some mild nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, and increased libido upon taking the injections initially. These side effects decrease significantly with continued use as your body becomes more familiar with the medication.


What will it cost?

This includes syringes as well and everything needed to mix and use the product correctly. For existing patients, one vial of Melanotide II is available at the discounted price of $297. For new patients a tele-consult fee is added to the initial purchase.


How much do I need?

Melanotide II is given via subcutaneous injection. Please click here for mixing/dosing instructions. Dosages should be tapered according to the individual's personal tolerance and any side effects noted. Melanotide II is used daily for 2-3 weeks until desired pigmentation is achieved, followed by a maintenance dose of one to two injections weekly. If you have any dosing related questions, please contact the medical department at Nu Image Medical (888)-520-3438 ext. 503.


How do I get started?

For more detailed information, you can view the Nu Image Medical website at or contact a representative by phone at 888-520-3438 to place your order. A consent form will be sent to you directly that must be printed, signed, and returned either by email or fax. Once this form is returned, your prescription will be sent directly to the pharmacy for send out depending on the shipping preference you chose when placing your order with a member of the Nu Image Medical staff. Ground and overnight shipping are available options.