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Does the HCG Diet Work?

Does the HCG Diet Work?

The HCG Diet Works!

In spite of hundreds of testimonials and clinical evidence that the HCG diet does really result in weight loss it remains a controversial diet. Many people question whether or not the HCG diet can stand by its claims of being a safe way to lose a huge amount of weight in just weeks. The HCG diet is one of the few diets that has well established clinical research that has taken place over a period of nearly six decades.

The diet does in fact work, and it works quite well for every person that completes the entire diet without deviating from the protocol. There are studies that have confirmed that the hormone causes faster weight loss compared to a placebo, and that the hormone reduces appetite compared to a placebo.

The HCG diet uses the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin as a weight loss aid, and clinical studies performed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons (the diet's founder) and several other medical professionals have verified that the hormone is in fact effective as a weight loss aid. The hormone contributes to a feeling of well-being and reduced hunger while on the diet, and it makes the 500 calorie per day diet tolerable.

It's not just the calorie limitation that causes the weight loss either. Taking daily HCG injections or drops is a core aspect of the diet that cannot be neglected, and the hormone does not have a placebo effect as some think. The diet would not be possible or safe without the hormone, so it is a crucial aspect of the diet that cannot be left out.

The HCG diet causes fast weight loss with minimal side effects

The HCG diet offers weight loss of 0.2 to 1 pound per day and the side effects of the diet are quite minimal because the hormone actually reduces most of the side effects associated with hunger and ketosis. The dose of the hormone has to also be carefully controlled for the diet to work optimally. However with medical supervision this is easy, and any medical professional with experience overseeing the diet will be able to recommend the proper hormone dose. With the proper dose, weight loss can get close to 1 pound per day, which is amazing considering that 1 pound per week is considered to be rapid weight loss by most other diet standards.

Some people have expressed concern that the weight loss occurs too quickly. During the first week of the diet there is rapid weight loss and there may even be up and down weight fluctuations, especially during the first four to five days of the diet. This is because the body is adjusting to different electrolyte levels due to dietary changes, and water weight begins shifting accordingly. After the first week weight loss begins to stabilize, and even though it can reach 1 pound of weight loss per day, there have not been any confirmed cases where this rapid level of weight loss was dangerous in any way to the patient.

The diet will not result in rebound weight gain when properly followed

The HCG diet is sometimes criticized by people who think that the weight loss is just temporary and that after the diet is over the weight will return. The diet is specifically designed to address that concern, which is why Phase 3 of the diet, the stabilization phase, is considered to be the most important phase of the diet. Dieters who neglect this phase are the ones who normally display rebound weight gain because they did not take the time and effort make a gradual transition back to their normal diet. Dieters that just jump right back into their regular diet after Phase 2 of the diet will without a doubt experience rapid weight gain.

The purpose of using the hormone over a period of three weeks or six weeks while eating a low calorie diet is to reset the metabolism to function optimally on a low starch and low sugar diet. After the VLCD has been completed, the metabolism is optimized for fat burning and can continue to burn fat when the proper foods are eaten.

Essentially starch and sugar have to continue to be avoided as required during Phase 3, however many other foods can be eaten during this phase, and calorie intake goes up as well. This transition period allows the body to stabilize and foods are gradually reintroduced while the dieter's weight is consistently monitored. So the stabilization phase is a core component of the diet that cannot be overlooked, and when it is properly followed the weight loss will be maintained.

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced rapid weight loss

If there's any extra evidence needed on whether or not the diet works, the countless testimonials of dieters online should be convincing as well. Even critics of the diet acknowledge that it results in dramatic weight loss. There are dozens of testimonials on the Nu Image Medical website that attest to the amazing results of the diet, and several bloggers have experienced their success with the diet and share their results and tips with their readers. If the diet did not work there would be many complaints about its inability to cause weight loss, but there are hundreds of glowing reviews of the diet from Nu Image Medical and other HCG diet providers.

The countless testimonials that prove the effectiveness of the diet it should be convincing for anyone who is on the fence on starting the diet but is concerned about its safety. As long as the diet is overseen by a medical professional and sold through a prescription it is safe and it does really work. There really shouldn't be any question on whether it works or not, but the reality is that there are many companies that sell the diet without any medical supervision or understanding of how the diet works.

Nu Image Medical is staffed by physicians and HCG diet experts who understand the intricacies of the diet and who will give you a medical evaluation prior to starting the diet to ensure it is perfectly safe for you, and the chances are that it will be. Get your evaluation now or ask any questions or address your concerns about the diet.

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