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Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

Most people have busy schedules which leave little time for extensive exercise programs or time intensive diet programs. If you have struggled with weight loss because of your busy schedule you aren't alone, and the good news is that there are plenty of effective options available to you including diet programs like the HCG diet. This diet was designed with busy people in mind, as it is definitely manageable even if you only have a few minutes to prepare meals every day, and many of the recipes on the diet take just a few minutes to prepare. Aside from the HCG diet there are other ways that you can stay lean even when you are at your busiest, and below are a few of the best of them:

Tip #1 - Keep healthy snacks around

Snacking on unhealthy foods is one of the worst habits that can lead to weight gain, and if you find that you are snacking too much as a result of your busy schedule, you should definitely switch your snacks up to healthier options. We recently discussed some of the best options for healthy snacks, but some quick ideas might include almonds, hard boiled eggs, yogurt and fruit, smoothies, cashews, celery and peanut butter, natural whey protein shakes, low fat cottage cheese and string cheese, and more. Don't rely on frozen foods or processed foods for snacks when you have several options available for healthy and natural snacks that won't cause weight gain.

Tip #2 - Try the HCG diet

The HCG diet happens to be one of the best diets available for anyone with a busy lifestyle, because the time requirements to learn the diet are very minimal, and absolutely no exercise is required at all. The diet also only takes a maximum of six weeks and is one of the quickest and safest diets that can result in weight loss of up to 1 pound per day. If you are interested losing weight as quickly as possible without having to worry about side effects or health problems, and you don't have much time in your schedule, definitely give the HCG diet a consideration, as it is affordably priced at Nu Image Medical and can be shipped directly to your home.

Tip #3 - Make a Small Amount of Time for Exercise

You really don't need much time for exercise; studies show that even if you exercise just 15 minutes every other day that you can have most of the health benefits of exercise. It isn't about the amount of time that you exercise, but the quality of your exercise, and when you increase the intensity of your workout as much as you safely can, you will have a wide range of long term health benefits. Studies show that intense workouts can increase your fat metabolism for several hours after your workout has completed, so if you don't have the time for a long 45 minute cardio workout there is no need to worry. Simply scale up your workout intensity and you'll find that you will get many of the benefits of a longer workout without having to spend the extra time, and talk to a physician before doing this to ensure that it is safe for you.

Tip #4 - Eat breakfast

Busy people often neglect eating breakfast because of time constraints, but it is always a bad idea to ignore this meal. Breakfast is necessary because your body is in starvation mode upon waking up and is looking for nutrition right away. If you head off to work without eating anything at all, your body will break down muscle as a source for energy, not just fat. The resulting loss of muscle mass can result in even more weight gain, and there are many studies that show that people who eat breakfast lose more weight in the long term than people who avoid eating it.

Even if you keep your breakfast to a small meal of one or two eggs and a piece of fruit, it is much better than eating nothing at all, and there are plenty of very fast or immediate meal options that you can use for breakfast, so the time really isn't an excuse. Try a whey protein shake with fruit, or low fat cottage cheese or yogurt, anything that you prefer, but the important thing is that you actually eat something so that your body doesn't resort to breaking down vital lean muscle for energy, and so that you avoid gorging at later meals.

Tip #5 - Don't gorge

Gorging on meals is another unhealthy habit that many busy people have, and this can have several health ramifications. The main problem is that the meals that busy people gorge on are sometimes not the healthiest, because they may not have eaten for several hours, and may be craving a meal that is high in calories and fat. This results in several potential problems; first it can lead to excess fat storage because the body simply cannot use all of the calories in a huge meal at once, so any excess carbohydrates and fat can quickly be stored as fat.

Also gorging can lead to several digestive problems and it is often associated with compulsive or emotional eating, both of which can lead to weight gain. Again, many of the foods that people gorge on or eat as a result of a craving are not healthy, and gorging can really lead to rapid weight gain. Spacing your meals out throughout the day, at a minimum of three per day, is always a better idea than eating one or two huge meals. Your blood sugar will be more stabilized, and you are much less likely to eat too many calories in one sitting. You also may find that your appetites for food change, since you won't be starved before your next meal you're less likely to choose a meal that's loaded with fat and sugar, and you may be much more satisfied with a low calorie meal.

Tip #6 - Avoid drinks with calories

One bad habit that busy people often do is getting energy in the form of drinks with calories. This again is another trap; for instance you might avoid eating breakfast but drink soda or coffee drinks with sugar to stay energized throughout the day. Of course, sugar drinks and soda are one of the leading causes for obesity, and when you rely on them for energy instead of natural foods, you will be gaining weight unnecessarily. Some of the other drinks that have become popular lately include energy drinks, sports drinks, and even prepackaged smoothies. All of these drinks come with a huge amount of calories, sometimes 200 to 300 per can! Busy people often do not count the number of calories they are consuming, and as a result these calories end up adding up substantially and definitely can be a source of weight gain. Your best bet it to steer away from these drinks, and if you do need a caffeinated drink as a pick me up, stick to coffee or tea without any sugar added.

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