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Weight Loss for Stay At Home Moms

Weight Loss for Stay At Home Moms
Being a stay at home mom doesn't mean that you have to struggle with weight loss. Although you don't have as much time as you used to, there are still several ways that you can lose weight and reduce post-pregnancy weight gain. Take advantage of every opportunity that you have to exercise and cook at home as you take care of your other responsibilities. Following a healthy diet is essential, and although you might be very busy there are several ways that you can still lose weight. Try some of these tips for some inspiration and ideas on how to lose weight, and you'll see results quickly, especially if you decide to try a round of the HCG diet.

Get exercise at every opportunity

Going to the gym isn't an option for most stay at home moms because of the logistics, but you can still get a great workout at home. Learn some exercises that you can do at home and set up a small home gym with some dumbbells, foam rollers, a stationary bike or treadmill, and even a power rack and adjustable bench if you want to go serious with it. At the very least you should go for walks around the block. A stationary bike can be a great way to get cardio with a low impact exercise, but walking or jogging can put excess strain on your legs over a long period of time, so it might not be the best exercise.

Customize your home gym based on your own preferences, and try to take advantage of every chance that you can to get out of the house and walk. You probably move around a lot during the day which helps to burn calories, but the problem that a lot of moms have is that they end up snacking on junk foods or unhealthy foods as a source of energy during the day which can offset any exercise that you get at home. Exercise is only a part of the solution, but even just a few minutes each day can make a major difference in helping you stay thin and offsetting some of the unhealthy meals that you have.

Avoid drinking sugar drinks during the day

Some moms stay get extra energy from drinks sweetened with sugar or juice, but sugar drinks are a major cause of weight gain and are ultimately counterproductive. It's much better to drink water throughout the day, as it's a lot more hydrating than sweetened drinks and doesn't come with the extra burden of weight gain. Try to keep a bottle of water without you as you take care of your chores and keep the sweetened beverages out of your home to avoid the temptation. Carbonated water can make a great substitute for soda or other sweetened drinks and is worth a try if you are trying to wean yourself off of soda. Another great drink is ice water flavored with a little lemon or lime juice and stevia.

For extra energy, just make sure that you're getting enough sleep, and take advantage of opportunities to nap and catch up on sleep as soon as you start falling behind. It can be difficult but you can find a few hours in your schedule to get caught up on sleep, and it will make a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day and even your appetite. Coffee or green tea can also be good for extra energy, just avoid adding any artificial or natural sweeteners. Fruit smoothies are a perfect option for a quick pick me up as well, and if you avoid a ton of very sugary fruits like pomegranates and mangos or starchy fruits like bananas then your fruit smoothies won't cause weight gain.

Take advantage of the opportunity to cook

Being a stay at home mom gives you a major advantage of other people because you'll be able to cook nearly every meal at home. That means that you get to control exactly what goes into your food, and it's your biggest opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle. Cook every meal that you can at home and avoid processed, packaged foods, or junk foods. Making homemade meals with organic whole foods will make a huge difference in how healthy your diet is, but take it a step further and cut out grains, starches, and other carbohydrate rich foods. If you do that and plan out your meals, you are not going to gain much weight.

There are a ton of great low carbohydrate recipes that you can try, or you can even try a round of the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical, as we offer great recipes that you can easily make at home. Cooking also doesn't have to be time consuming at all; there are plenty of meals that you can make in under 30 minutes that can turn out to be really delicious and healthy. There are also several great healthy slow cooker recipes that you just need to prep and throw in the slow cooker and enjoy later in the day. No matter what, don't get into the habit of relying on fast food or restaurants for your meals, try to make the time to cook (or learn how if you don't), and it will be well worth the effort.

Don't fall into the habit of eating out of boredom

Stay at home moms also run the risk of eating as a habit during their downtime, which can quickly spiral out of control and lead to weight gain. The key is to stay active and make sure that you always have something to work on throughout the day so that you don't have to resort to boredom eating. Practice that new hobby that you've wanted to start, read a book, exercise, meditate or try yoga exercises, or do anything that can take your mind off of eating whenever you have a few minutes to yourself, and avoid the temptation to snack to pass the time.

Try the HCG diet to lose weight

The HCG diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight even if you don't get to exercise. The diet utilizes the fat burning effective of the pregnancy hormone HCG, which is natural and safe to supplement with, and it offers specific guidance on how you should eat and what to eat. It's a perfect diet for a stay at home mom because if you don't buy HCG approved prepared meals then you will have to cook, and you can easily make HCG diet recipes at home. It can help you lose up to 15 pounds in three weeks or 40 pounds in a period of just six weeks.

You don't have to exercise while on the diet while is another major benefit for stay at home moms, but once the diet is completed you should definitely make exercise as much of a habit as you can. It's a great way to lose a lot of post pregnancy weight and get back into a healthy lifestyle, and it is one of the most proven and effective diets out there.

On the HCG diet you can expect results with a minimal amount of effort, which is great for stay at home moms because of all the responsibilities that you have and the limited amount of time that you have to exercise, and because of the fact that you're stuck at home a lot of the day. To get more information about how the HCG diet may be a great fit for you, click here to speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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