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Summer Weight Loss Tips

Summer Weight Loss Tips
Summer is long under way, but you can still get in shape and lose weight, or at least get into the habit of it. With the great weather in many parts of the country it is the perfect time to start adopting a healthier lifestyle. There are several ways that you can lose weight and start feeling better about your health. Remember that your diet is one of the most important factors that affect your weight, so you'll definitely need to make some dietary changes in order to lose real weight.

You can also exercise and get involved in activities that will get you moving around like sports and other hobbies. If you haven't been active lately you should definitely start exercising in the summer as it is the perfect time, but the most important thing is to start making dietary changes. If you go on vacation you'll also need to be careful about your calorie intake if you are trying to lose weight. Try the following summer weight loss tips if you need some ideas and inspiration for weight loss.

Tip #1 - Get out of the house

The chances are that the weather is great in the summer where you live, which means it's the perfect opportunity to get out of the house. Don't spend the days sitting around on your computer or watching television in the comfort of your house. You'll definitely end up putting on weight if you do this. You need to get out of the house as much as you can, and look for opportunities to get out. If there are any events going on in your area, check them out. Participate in outdoor recreation whether its hiking, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, or anything else that's going on. Make your exercise activities fun so that you are naturally motivated to do them instead of sitting around at home and wasting time and the nice weather.

Tip #2 - Don't drink too much

The summer is a time for fun and vacation but you'll definitely want to watch your alcohol intake if you are trying to lose weight. Beer and wine can both pack on tons of extra calories if you aren't careful. If you want a drink you should stick to low calorie drink options. Alcohol actually prevents your body from burning fat because it can't store the calories from alcohol as fat. That means that the calories from alcohol and burned first, and the calories from your recent meals are stored as fat. Studies have also found that alcohol can increase fat specifically in the belly area, which is what creates the prototypical "€œbeer belly."€ You should keep in mind that if you drink moderately there is a much lower chance of weight gain.

Tip #3 - Eat when you drink

If you do have to drink, you should eat something. When you avoid eating while drinking the calories from your drinks or cocktails are burned quickly, because they are usually loaded with simple carbs. When you consume simple carbs from cocktails, your blood sugar jumps up and then it drops down quickly. The drop in blood sugar can cause you to feel starved just an hour or two after drinking, and it can easily lead to overeating. This effect can be avoided when you nibble on foods like nuts, apples, fruit, Greek yogurt, almonds, berries, or other natural healthy foods or good sources of protein like chicken, beef or turkey. Also when you eat you are less likely to drink more alcohol, as the food can help absorb the alcohol and fill you up. In general you will want to eat something healthy when you drink and you'll find that you gain less weight over the summer if any at all.

Tip #4 - Make sure you're getting enough sleep

When you're lacking in sleep you are much more likely to overeat. A study found that people who sleep a fewer amount of hours every night have more difficulties lose weight. When you are sleep it is like being drunk because your inhibition centers start to decline, meaning that you are more likely to be impulsive and won't be able to fight your desire to eat. People who are sleep deprived are more likely to choose carbohydrate rich snacks, and they are also more likely to snack in general because of the constant lack of energy that they experience. In general it makes it more difficult for you to say no to junk food, and it increases your desire to eat it. You should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night and if you're getting less than that for any reason you need to change your sleep schedule up.

Tip #5 - Start an exercise plan

If you haven't started an exercise plan, the summer is the perfect time to start working out with the warm weather and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. You should start working out and talk to a physical trainer to get more information about an exercise plan that will work for you. No matter what your fitness level is, you can get in shape within 2 to 3 months with consistent effort. The summer offers a great chance for you to start feeling great again and to improve your cardiovascular and overall health. Think about starting a group fitness class like Crossfit to get back in shape, and stick with it for the best results. It won't be easy at first but the weight loss, increase muscle mass and the improved self-esteem will be well worth the effort.

Tip #6 - Drink tea and coffee

Drink more tea and coffee than smoothies or alcoholic drinks during the summer. Unsweetened tea and coffee can suppress your appetite and help you avoid overeating at meals later on in the day. Tea and coffee are both a great source of antixoxidants as well which have many benefits including reducing inflammation levels, which in turn makes it easier for you to lose weight. The caffeine in coffee can suppress your appetite and help you avoid craving junk food. There are also several tea options that are high in caffeine and have a similar effect such as green or black tea. Just avoid adding any sugar or sweeteners with calories into your tea or coffee, and also avoid any artificial sweeteners which can be just as bad as sugar if not worse.

Tip #7 - Don't lose motivation

Staying motivated during the summer can be the hardest part of losing weight. You need to keep track of your diet and avoid eating junk food as much as possible. Even if you take a vacation you should stick to your diet as much as possible. Consistency is what makes the most difference when it comes to your weight loss efforts. If you can just be consistent and avoid eating junk, you'll see great results within a few months. If you're struggling with motivation, try dieting with a friend or talk to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical who can set you up with the HCG diet. The HCG diet a great motivational tool because it tells you exactly what to do, and it is a very easy diet to stick to once you learn the basic requirements. Contact Nu Image Medical today for more information about the diet and how to get started.

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