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More Health Benefits of Losing Weight

More Health Benefits of Losing Weight
Losing weight can have a substantial impact on your life and improve the quality of your life dramatically. You can reduce your risk of a wide range of different illnesses simply by losing weight, and you don't have to have a complicated diet plan to drop several pounds. The biggest gains you can make include benefits to your cardiovascular system and reducing your risk of stroke. You can increase your energy levels and improve your confidence substantially by losing weight, and you'll find that your life is significantly easier overall. Diets like the HCG diet are a perfect option for weight loss and can give you a great start in weight loss that is easy to maintain in the long term.

Carrying too much weight puts strain on your cardiovascular system

Weighing too much puts strain on your cardiovascular system which in turn can cause a host of different short term and long term symptoms. The symptoms can be significant depending on how much excess weight that you are carrying, and the most obese people have the highest risk of developing illnesses like hypertension and heart disease. You can significantly lower your risk of these illnesses by losing weight. Many people who lose weight experience a significant decrease in their blood pressure. Every kilogram of lost weight (2.2 lbs) generally translates to a 1 point drop in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. That means that if you lose about 10 pounds, you can expect your blood pressure to drop around 5 points or so.

Losing weight lowers your bad cholesterol

Another major benefit of losing weight is that it lowers your bad LDL cholesterol. The effect is significant the more weight that you lose, and by losing bad LDL cholesterol you are less likely to die of heart disease or a heart attack. LDL cholesterol attaches to the walls of your arteries and can cause a buildup of dangerous plaque which can in turn lead to coronary heart disease and other health problems. Losing just 10 pounds can lower your bad cholesterol levels by ten percent or more, and the effect increases the more that you lose weight. Exercise and a healthy diet are both ways to lower your cholesterol.

Reduce your risk of dementia

Losing weight reduces your risk of dementia significantly. Visceral fat, or the fat that surrounds your organs, is higher in those who are overweight. People with protruding bellies have a larger amount of visceral fat, and this type of fat can release inflammation causing chemicals. Over time, the increased inflammation levels can cause cognitive decline and memory loss. Numerous studies have made a connection between dementia and inflammation, as well as inflammation and a wide range of other illnesses. If you are concerned about cognitive decline, be sure to consume a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and reduce your weight to a healthy level which in turn will help to lower your long term inflammation levels.

Lower weight reduces the pain on your joints

If you've been suffering from joint pain, it may be a result of being overweight. Being overweight puts a substantial amount of pressure on your joints, enough to cause a wide range of problems like arthritis, chronic pain, mobility limitation and more. By lowering your weight you can alleviate much of the pressure on your joints that leads to range limitation and other problems, and you'll find that the effect is quite immediate as soon as you start losing weight. Many people who try diets like the HCG diet experience rapid relief after they lose just 5 to 10 pounds, and the effect continues as long as they continue to lose weight.

Reduce your risk of cancer

Cancer is a concern for most people, and as you get older your risk of cancer can increase. Also, those who are overweight are also more likely to get cancer, and although the reasons are not quite clear, there is a link between obesity and a higher cancer risk. It is thought possibly be related to insulin resistance or the higher amount of hormones present in overweight people like estrogen and insulin, as well as insulin like growth factors. These hormones can cause certain cancers to grow more rapidly. The risk of uterine and breast cancer decreases significantly when you start to lose weight, and losing just 8 to 10 pounds can cause a massive reduction in hormones that can cause cancer.

Increase your sex drive

If you're looking for a fast way to improve your sex drive, losing weight should definitely be on your list. Losing weight is known to boost the sex drive for both men and women because conditions like high blood pressure can reduce your sex drive. Exercising and eating right helps to reduce your risk of these illnesses. Men with erectile dysfunction as also very often overweight; some studies have found that up to 80% of overweight and obese men have some form of erectile dysfunction. Losing weight can help reduce that dysfunction significantly, and losing just about 5 to 10 pounds can have a major impact on a person's sex drive.

Talk to Nu Image Medical today about the HCG diet

The HCG diet is an excellent way to get started on a regimen of weight loss, and you'll find that the diet can be very effective for you in helping you get back to a healthy weight. The many benefits of weight loss that we've discussed on this blog can be seen in just a matter of weeks on the HCG diet. On the three week diet you can lose up to 15 pounds and on the six week diet you can lose up to 40 pounds of fat or more. There are few diets that can offer you the weight loss benefits of the HCG diet, and you'll find that it can be very effective at helping you get back to a healthy lifestyle and with losing the weight that you've always wanted to lose. For more information about the diet or to talk to a medical provider about it or ask any questions that you may have at all, click here.

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