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How to Stop Procrastinating Losing Weight

How to Stop Procrastinating Losing Weight

Stop Procrastinating Losing Weight

Weight loss is difficult for anyone, even the self-starters, but if you procrastinate your weight loss efforts it can end up making it much more difficult. When delay your plans you will usually end up putting on more weight, which means that you'll have more work to do in the future. The sooner that you start your weight loss efforts the better, but you shouldn't really start until you are mentally ready for it. If you have been putting off your weight loss, you can always try a diet like the HCG diet which is a detailed and structured diet plan. The structure of the diet works for a lot of people, because everything you need is laid out and all you have to do is follow the directions for the three or six week diet. If you aren't ready for the diet yet, you can try these tips which can help you overcome your fears and lose the weight that you want to lose.

Studies have found that dieting and exercise are the two activities people put off the most

Science isn't working in our favor when it comes to both dieting and exercise. Studies have found that both diet and exercise are two of the most likely activities that adults are willing to put off compared to other chores like paying bills, scheduling appointments, shopping, and work duties. Being aware of this fact will hopefully help you with overcoming it; the reality is that dieting and exercise are two weaknesses that a lot of people struggle with. Knowing your own weaknesses is the first step to being able to overcome them, and if you know that dieting and exercise are a difficult area for you, it will hopefully inspire you to focus more of time and energy on it.

Don't beat yourself up if you procrastinate

A lot of procrastination comes from the guilt of not following through on your goals with weight loss and exercise. It is healthy to get into the habit of self-forgiveness if you didn't start your diet as soon as you would have liked to, if you slip up for a day, or even two, or even for a week. Everyone falls off the path, but it's all about how quickly you get back on track with your dieting and exercise plans. If you sit around and blame yourself you are less likely to want to get started again because of the guilt that you feel when you mess up. You might be avoiding getting back on track out of the fear of feeling guilty, but if you stop guilt tripping yourself then you won't have that fear associated with exercise and dieting.

Diet or exercise with a friend

Having a friend with you when you try the HCG diet or start your exercise routine will make it a lot easier for you to stay consistent. Your friend or friends will motivate you to stay consistent with your goals. Accountability drives a lot of people to make big changes in their lives. If you are not a self-starter or find it easier to work on your goals with others, you should definitely consider trying this technique, especially if you haven't had success in the past dieting or exercising on your own. The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is affordable and only takes a few weeks to finish, so it's a great starting point for a group diet. There are also dozens of group fitness classes that you can find almost anywhere, and they can really be an effective way to lose weight, keep motivated and consistent, and stay in shape once you actually do get to a healthy weight.

Invest in personal training

If you have the money, investing in personal training can be a great way to motivate yourself. If you're the type of person who doesn't like wasting money, then you will be naturally motivated to work out. Personal trainers also know how to keep you motivated, and they will find the proper workout plan for you based on your strength, medical conditions, and flexibility. Personal training is well worth it for many people with the budget, and even if you can't afford it the next best thing is group fitness classes like Crossfit or other classes you might have in your local area. The idea works the same; when you are paying for fitness you're much more likely to stay consistent with it.

Keep the bad food out of sight and mind

It's a lot easier to stay motivated with your diet when you control your environment, and a lot of hunger and craving is psychological. When you keep slipping up on your diet plans it's very likely because of the fact that you have the junk available in the first place. The easiest way to stop eating junk food is to totally keep it out of your house if at all possible. There might be other members of your house who eat it, and if they do you should keep it separated from your food. The simple sight of junk food will trigger a lot of people to eat it, and if you can keep it out of sight you'll very likely forget it about it and develop an appetite for healthy food. If you're really vigilant about this and really keep only healthy organic whole foods in your house, you'll definitely see a major difference in how easy it is for you to lose weight.

Keep the stress out of it

Dieting and exercise shouldn't be stressful. Making major changes can stress you out a little at the start, but once you've adjusted it shouldn't be all that difficult. Much of the stress associated with diet and exercise is mental, and as mentioned before the guilt tripping can be a huge source of it. The more stressed that you are when you are dieting and exercising, the less likely that you are to keep doing it because of the negative association you have with those activities. Make dieting and exercise as fun as possible. Include your friends as much as you can, and if you hate working out the gym, find a recreational sport that you enjoy and your weight loss efforts will be seamless.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself with a vacation, a cheat meal, or whatever you enjoy when you stick through with your plans and accomplish a weight loss goal. One cheat meal a month or a vacation once you've reached your target weight loss will motivate you to stick with your plans. When there's no light at the end of the tunnel it can get a bit hard to stay with your plans in the long term, so you should always have something to look forward to aside from the obvious benefits of losing weight. There are plenty of health benefits and social benefits when you get in shape and look better, but adding extra rewards will make your victories that much sweeter and will keep you inspired as you work to accomplish your weight loss goals. Stay positive and try to make the experience fun and naturally enjoyable  and procrastination won't even be on your mind; you'll actually be excited about exercising and dieting and you'll set higher and better goals for your personal fitness.

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