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How to Lose Stubborn Fat At Any Age

How to Lose Stubborn Fat At Any Age

Losing fat is a constant battle no matter what age you are and although it gets harder as you get older it definitely doesn't mean that it's impossible. As you get older it becomes more and more important for you to eat right and take care of your health, and it can make a significant difference in the amount of weight that you lose. There are several ways that you can lose weight even as you get older, and the HCG diet is certainly one of the best options to lose weight quickly no matter what age you are, but there are other methods that can at the very least help you maintain a healthy weight.

Your metabolism slows by about 5% each decade

The main reason why weight loss becomes more difficult as we get older is because of the fact that your metabolism slows by around 5 percent every decade. This equates to about 75 fewer calories per day at age 35 compared to 25. This small amount can easily be compensated for with exercise and dieting, but it's essential that you make a conscious effort to do this rather than assume that you'll have the same metabolism as you did when you were younger. Essentially, as you get older it becomes more important to make wiser choices with the food that you eat and your choice of habits in terms of exercise and physical activity.

Stay active at every age

It's essential that you stay active as you get older. Too many adults sacrifice exercise for their work or other obligations which is always a mistake. Living a sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on your health and your waistline even when you are younger, and the effect is worse once you get older. So don't make any excuses for avoiding exercise; it doesn't take very long to get a decent workout and it will pay off in dividends in terms of keeping you healthy and avoiding weight gain as you get older. Every little bit of exercise counts including walking or biking to work when you can, taking the stairs, and walking as much as you can when you get the opportunity, so take advantage of the chances that you get to exercise.

Try high intensity interval training

High intensity interval training is one of the best short duration exercises that you can do, and there are plenty of different programs available that you can try. It's one of the best ways to feel and look great as you get older because it helps to balance your hormones and increases your natural production of HGH, and this is essential when you are trying to stay healthy. High intensity interval training works very well to boost your HGH production and it also works well at burning fat, as numerous studies have shown, and it can certainly help you lose weight around your midsection, thighs and other areas that might be more difficult for you.

Get more protein in your diet

As you get older it's essential that you are getting enough protein in your diet, and it can definitely help you burn more calories and also maintain your muscle mass when you are cutting fat. Be sure that you are getting high quality protein in every meal, and try to always keep nuts, a protein shake or something with you for a healthy high protein snack. It will make a significant difference in your appetite on a regular basis as well, and you'll find that you aren't hungry as often when you are getting enough protein on a regular basis. This means that you'll be less likely to want to snack on junk food and that can make a significant difference when you're trying to cut calories out of your diet.

Cut down your portions

Many people including younger people eat way too much per meal. Even when you aren't dieting it's a good idea to cut down your portion sizes, especially if you haven't been trying this strategy for weight loss. Try reducing your portions anywhere from 10% to 25%. Just take your normal portion size and reduce it, and replace it with a healthier starter like a piece of fruit or salad. This way you aren't going to be sacrificing on nutrition at all, but it can end up saving you up to 200 or 300 calories from each meal, and that amount can definitely help you with losing stubborn weight, even when you aren't on a low calorie diet.

Get up and move around when you can

Many adults work at desk jobs that can make them very sedentary and this can end up being a major problem when it comes to weight loss. Being sedentary makes a bad diet even worse, and it can even cause weight gain when your diet is mostly good. So it's essential that you make an effort to be more active when you are at work whenever possible. Health experts recommend that you take a 5 minute break about every hour; just getting up and stretching a few minutes and walking around is very effective at combating a sedentary lifestyle, but on top of this you need to diet and exercise of course.

Watch your weight and check your body fat

As you get older it becomes more important for you to watch your weight and be more careful about your weight fluctuations, although it's always important to do this. You don't have to check your weight every day unless you're on the HCG diet, but when you're not dieting, checking your weight every week at minimum is a good idea. You'll also need to be careful to not get too caught up about your weight because your body fat percentage also matters a lot. That means that you might be at what could be considered a relatively "€˜normal' weight in terms of BMI, but you might have a higher body fat than average because of a lack of exercise or a bad diet or other factors. In general you need to be careful about maintaining a healthy body fat percentage and not just weight, and there are various methods that you can use such as the caliper test others.

Don't eat your kids' food

It's essential that you keep your own food separate from your kids' food because their nutritional needs are different and they can get away with eating high calorie meals while you won't be able to. Try to eat at least smaller portions if you are going to eat the same thing as them, or if they have junk food you should definitely be careful to keep it separate. If you have kids you are likely to have snacks around your kitchen and home that are tempting so you'll need to exercise self restraint and also try to make healthier choices with your grocery shopping.

Try group fitness

Group fitness classes can be a great way to add regular exercise into your schedule that is time efficient and occurs on a regular basis. It's great for adults because it can help to keep you motivated as you take care of your other obligations and helps to keep you from falling off your exercise routine. There are a wide range of group fitness options that may work for you, but don't try any "€˜bootcamp' style fitness classes unless you are approved for it by your medical doctor.

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